Visiting and finding new art

Wow! What a weekend. Thanks to all who came to visit us at Artists at Home this weekend – it was a record number of visitors. Whether this was due to the weather (not too hot, not too wet!) or the fact that I had Louise Richards showing her wonderful enamel jewellery with me, I don’t know.

I had some returning vistors who were pleased to find that I was exhibiting again which was lovely to hear. But what was most thrilling was the buzz of excitement when people found something they enjoyed, and like so much they wanted to keep it.

When I tell people that I open my home as part of this event they often exclaim that they couldn’t possibly do this. “What happens if someone walks in and straight back out again? How upsetting!” But it isn’t upsetting at all – the only way to choose  art you want to live with is instinctively. You know quickly whether you are drawn to something or not. If people decide the way I see things isn’t for them, then that’s fine.

Whether you can afford to take it home with you is the next stage in the process but the first part is almost a numbers game. The more you look at art, the more you will learn to listen to your instinctive reaction. I’ve never spent money on artwork and regretted buying it. Looking at a piece of work that someone has made, that gives me pleasure each time I pass it on my walls is one of my biggest treats in life.

I hope this weekend some others may have found that same thrill and started or added to their own collection.


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