Video diary: location sketchbook tips

It’s just so good to take yourself to new places and get new stimulus. Sometimes we have to be responsible for filling our own idea ‘pots’ but it can also be great to be led by others.

I’ve really enjoyed three days in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales taking a course with Lewis Noble at Jack Beck house. He was very open with how he uses his sketchbooks to gather ideas which sometimes become leads for new paintings.

Watch and see what I will take away and incorporate into my own practice going forward.



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  1. Diane McGregor
    Diane McGregor says:

    Hello Alice, just catching up with this post — very nice sketches! When you tear the pages to crop the image, do you then glue the cropped image onto a new sketchbook page? How do you afix the paper, with glue, tape? Thanks so much! Your sketchbook entries are particularly inspiring for me!

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      Thanks Diane, I use PVA / gloss medium type glue. Smoothed on with a palette knife if I have one to hand and then pressed down hard with a clean sheet of paper over the top. That seems to give a really solid adhesion. A spiral bound notebook is best for this as the pages get super thick as you can imagine.

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