“Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see.”

To have your heart lifted by seeing something you love, to notice the world around you with fresh eyes, to create your own space filled with things that bring you pleasure.

My starting point is a way of looking at our surroundings… but each step towards the finished piece allows me to interpret this in a different way. What is added and left out instinctively creates a new representation that is more personal. People enjoy finding things hidden within the gestural marks and I love seeing how different people view each painting.

Finding moments to photograph and making sketchbook drawings is a way to collect my ideas together. Sifting through these and collating them into a coherent response, I aim to create images that encourage us to pause and notice our surroundings in a new way.

I work mainly on wooden panels because I enjoy the resistance it gives for drawn marks. As layers build, this tougher base allows me to sand and scrape back revealing previous colours and this keeps a sense of surprise and spontaneity as I paint. I work in series and begin with no end point in mind. Initially I paint intuitively, adjusting the composition and choosing direct contrasting colours.

At some point there will be a moment where the painting starts to lead – it is essential to balance the early freedom with a sensitive and analytical approach to carefully adjust, select and guide the painting to a resolution. Each has its own unique history and character.

After my degree in Graphic Design I worked for a number of London design studios; I loved the challenge but stopped when my first baby arrived prematurely and the world of design was becoming increasingly digital. I returned to painting after my second child was born and now live and work in West London with my family.

I  exhibit annually as part of Artists at Home each summer and my work is in personal collections across the world and has been selected for national exhibitions, and art fairs.

Alice Sheridan London studio artist