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Alice Sheridan watercolour sketchbook location drawing on Dartmoor art
So far it’s been a crazy summer – the sudden opportunity of a trip to Japan… the day after the open studios finished, swiftly followed by a family holiday to Turkey and then taking the children to Italy. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram may have seen the occasional updates.

So much has happened that I feel behind….

Behind in noting how my thoughts have changed, how different environments have wormed their way into my visual bank of ideas.

I know that during summer holidays with children it can be hard to find time. I’ve long given up on doing ‘proper painting’ during this time so this year I have been trying to use the time to catch up so that when school is back, I too can get back to work!

I’ve been catching up on reading, on home jobs (redecorating parts of the house), teaching my son to cut a hedge without cutting his fingers off so that he can save for (another) new guitar, catching up with friends.

But still the itch…twitchy fingers and a mind that doesn’t rest.

Thinking is not the same as doing.

And today, while there was a rare quiet few minutes I just made something. Small. A tiny record of the colours of the rain clouds and the moment the sun breaks through.

God, it felt good!
I still need to play catch-up with the other ideas, but at least the first few drops have now fallen to break the drought.