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Being invited into someone’s home is always a treat. So I was thrilled when I was invited to join a group of local artists and makers to join their pre-Christmas art show.

It always takes a fair bit of effort to bring these events together: designing and printing flyers, letting local websites and ‘What’s on?’ guides know all the details and persuading them to help you publicise it and last but not least the dreaded but essential door-drop… Are we junk mail or a local event?

And you never know what will bring the results; who will come? Will anyone come at all?

The room was an amazing space and with 3 ‘wall artists’ and 4 ceramicists it was always going to be interesting mix of work with lots of Christmas present appeal. After a day of allocating space and hanging the room was transformed, the wine glasses were out and we were ready for those who braved the chilly night to come and visit.

I was worried that with many people sharing their work it could be a bit intimidating for visitors who wanted to browse but felt seven pairs of eyes trailing them around the room. Not that we would do that! In practice it meant that there was always someone to chat to, someone to help with drinks, someone to cover for you and gave a great convivial atmosphere which we all enjoyed, and it seemed we weren’t the only ones….


Thank you to everyone who came (we guessed around 220+ but we couldn’t keep up with the clicker counter!), enjoy your gifts and purchases, and much thanks to a fabulous group of art friends; Annie Jennings, Keith Davidson, Peter Dockley, Louise Mock, Simon Taylor and Alicia Stroud.