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After a bit of a break over Easter, there’s nothing like a challenge to get you kick started on some new work so when I saw the 100 days project was about to begin again I was ready. This idea was started by @ElleLuna on Instagram: do something consistently for 100 days to build a habit.

Last April I set myself a 30 day project of painting daily with just three colours so I knew that I was going to have to build in a degree of flexibility and find a subject that would keep my attention for 100 days AND be inline with new work I wanted to pursue. Hmmm….

Many people are joining this challenge with projects as diverse as cooking, health goals, even writing the story of much loved items they now wish to declutter!

I decided on #100daysofcontrast as a broad topic that is open to going in whatever direction I like. I can look at mark making in different ways, focus on colour or texture or spend time thinking about how to strengthen compositions. I won’t be following a set pattern of materials or producing a set series of work like last time. Instead this may include photographs, sketchbook pages and discussions of how to include these design elements in paintings so they become stronger.

I’m also making it slightly easy on myself. The aim is to post daily but I’d rather go for thoughtful rather than rushing something in at 11.58pm so there may be the odd day missing or caught up. What I can promise is that I will keep going until I reach 100.

The helpful gallery of images below should update every 24 hours but to join in with some of the discussions this is prompting you may like to come over and > join me on Instagram < or if you are taking part, please feel free to add your personal hashtag in the comments below and let me know how it’s going for you…