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Join me and fellow artist Louise Fletcher for an honest insight into what it takes to be an artist as we share what we are working on each week and discuss a key topic. Practical tips and down to earth conversations to keep you company.

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Eco friendly art materials podcast

Making eco-friendly art with Scott Denholm [117]

Scott Denholm is a rapidly emerging and award winning ocean artist, living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. It was his love of the natural world and previous work which first inspired his art, and also to find ways of making…

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“It’s simply brilliant-wherever you are on your art journey, I can totally recommend listening!! It’s intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and often downright moving…it sounds corny but Alice and Louise feel like friends. Always looking forward to the next AJ!! Thanks so much you two:)”

Jo York


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Let's get positive! Upbeat stories to lift our spirits [93]

Back in March, as we all went into lockdown, we speculated about how the pandemic would affect artists. (see episode 66) This week, we are revisiting the topic to share some positive stories from this time during the Covid pandemic. The…
When is art imitation

Inspiration or Imitation? [92]

This week’s topic was inspired by a question from Sharon Mayfield who wrote “can you discuss imitation and originality. Is there any such thing as ‘original’ art work these days? Is it ‘wrong’ to reflect styles of work…
Art Juice podcast rocket ship

What Moves You Forward? Internal vs. External Motivation [91]

This week, we're discussing the ways in which we motivate ourselves and move our work forward. Sometimes that comes from external input such as workshops, groups and one-on-one coaching. Sometimes we find the inspiration within…

How To Build a Following for Your Art? [90]

How do I actually sell my art? This can be so frustrating for artists especially if you look at people further ahead than you and think there is some magic formula. But artists today have a massive opportunity to create their own following…

How do you measure your success as an artist? [89]

Many artists shy away from numbers and spreadsheets, but we both believe it’s vital to track key metrics in order to measure your progress. But don't panic! This week we’re discussing the idea of success… what does it mean…

Go Big! Should you scale up to larger work? [88]

Is there a perception in the art world that big is better?  Do you gain more respect if you make larger paintings? This week we debate whether size matters and share our own personal experiences of scaling up our work. We discuss…

Recognising transitions in changing times [87]

As we approach "back to school" in the UK and Louise's course comes to end, we are both thinking about making changes to your studio work and how we manage transitions. But the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll and in this episode,…

How to make decisions (when you can’t know the outcome) [86]

Our podcast reached 500,000 downloads this week and we are celebrating by looking back on our decision to start recording together. This led to a discussion about how we make decisions and how we judge success. What would have happened…

You Thought What? False Beliefs About Art-Making [85]

What does being an artist mean? This week, we tackle some of the false beliefs that can bring artists down. So many of us accept our thoughts without questioning them - especially when it comes to the thoughts that hold us back.…
Ideas for sharing your art process

Is Content Creation the Best Way to Market Art? [84]

This is one of our more contentious episodes. A respected and highly prescient marketing guru says marketing is about to change and at least one of us disagrees. We debate his ideas along with other marketing approaches, to see if we…
Making Money as an Artist

Money Matters: Freeing Financial Blocks [83]

Making money as an artist has all sorts of views and expectations swirling around it - many of our own making. You can look at accounts, and expenses but underlying all those systems in business is how we think, feel and react... This…
Art breakthrough

Art Breakthroughs (and what comes after) [82]

What does it feel like to have a breakthrough in your art? How do you know it’s actually a breakthrough and not just a fluke success? And how do you keep the momentum going once the initial serotonin rush has subsided and you…

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