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Join me and fellow artist Louise Fletcher for an honest insight into what it takes to be an artist as we share what we are working on each week and discuss a key topic. Practical tips and down to earth conversations to keep you company.

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Eco friendly art materials podcast

Making eco-friendly art with Scott Denholm [117]

Scott Denholm is a rapidly emerging and award winning ocean artist, living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. It was his love of the natural world and previous work which first inspired his art, and also to find ways of making…

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“It’s simply brilliant-wherever you are on your art journey, I can totally recommend listening!! It’s intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and often downright moving…it sounds corny but Alice and Louise feel like friends. Always looking forward to the next AJ!! Thanks so much you two:)”

Jo York


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Ideas for the 100 day project

Creating Your 100 Day Project [105]

Have you found your creative well has run dry of inspiration? Especially recently? This week we have two projects to share with you which will help inspire and re-invigorate your art. The 100 day project was started by the designer…
Art Juice podcast How do I sell my art online

How to Sell Art Online [104]

This can be biggest question for artists today: How do I sell my art online? Whether you are new and don't know where to start, or would like to add more options for your potential buyers, in this conversation we share some tips to…
social media for artists

Social Media for Artists: An Introduction [103]

As working artists, we have both used social media to build an audience and make sales. In this episode, we discuss how we approached social media when we first started, what we learned along the way, and how it plays into our marketing…

Artist Studios - Home or Away? [102]

As we look ahead we ask if the creative space you have suits the artist you want to become and look at some ideas to help you grow. This week we're discussing the pros and cons of our different studio set-ups. Louise has a studio…

Artist workbook for the Year Ahead - Bonus Episode [101]

As we develop our plans for the coming year, we dive into a discussion about our goals. This episode was recorded two weeks in advance, so it’s early in our planning process, but we already have some ideas forming. Our discussion…

Are you a Painter or an Artist? with Seth Godin [100]

For our 100th episode, we are delighted to welcome Seth Godin to the podcast. Seth is a bestselling author and his new book "The Practice" is subtitled "shipping creative work." and is a mission to inspire everyone to make a powerful…

Best Art Year Ever? A Look Back at 2020 [99]

Last year we ran a special event called Your Best Art Year Ever, in which we led 3,500 people through a planning process to ensure that 2020 would indeed be their best year ever. Of course then Covid came along and threw everything…

Crushing it in 2020: A positive lockdown story [98]

This week, we feature our third positive lockdown story - this time, our guest is American artist Rachel Davis, who transformed her attitude and her art business when Covid forced the closure of an important show and the cancellation…
Art Juice podcast do you have to like the artist behind the art?

Do we have to like you to like your art? [97]

How much does the artist persona matter? This week's episode was inspired by two different listener questions. Cathie asked whether likability matters when it comes to appreciating art (for example, does it matter that Gauguin might…
Artist good news stories

Success Stories: A Winter Boost [96]

Some cheering stories for you! This week, we're returning to a listener question from episode 93, when Cherrie asked if we knew of any positive lockdown stories. As the UK enters a second national lockdown, we decided to talk with…
How to title and finish your art

Titling, Finishing and Framing - How to Present your Art [95]

This week, we answer listener questions from Maroulla, Caroline, Helen and Jane, who all wanted to know about finishing and presenting work. We start with titles... how important are they? Is it OK to go with 'untitled' or can a…
Art as a gift

Marketing Art for Holiday Gifts [94]

With only two months until Christmas, this seems the perfect time to revisit a topic we first discussed in episode 43 - how to encourage people to consider giving your art as a holiday gift (or requesting it as one for themselves!)…

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