create an art collection which inspires you each day

• Bring colour to a neutral scheme or play with the colours already in your room

• Feel the ‘wow’ impact of a big painting and enjoy a great conversation piece

• Experience the quieter, more intimate moment you get from a small painting tucked into a surprising place

Love unique and want a real one-off?

Alice Sheridan studio work in progress

There is nothing like owning an original painting. Knowing you own THE ONLY ONE in today’s world is pretty special. I work in a series but by the time a painting is finished it will have layers of history. This is impossible to replicate in another work so if you see one you love, don’t hesitate too long…

Looking for a burst of style?

A print is a great choice. Affordable and perfect for rooms where a artwork behind glass gives extra protection, my prints are expertly photographed and checked to make sure you get a top quality image. Every one is hand signed by me and you can choose the size which is right for you.

Need a gift or starting a collection?

Original work on paper is an extension of my sketchbook practice. These are a hybrid, often with a lively and fluid approach, not as richly worked as a full painting but still exploring similar ideas of constructed and imagined space

The world is full of art lovers like you who want paintings for their homes which make them feel loved.

The world is full of creatives making art of all description.

The only problem is matching the two together…

Finding art that’s right for you and your home can be a bit of a search.

I understand buying art can be a big decision... it needs to be right for you.

Be bold and follow your instincts, or take your time.

Just like making art, there is no right or wrong. I want you to be confident before you buy.

When you want more than mass-produced, choosing art direct from the artist gives you a way to feel more involved with the creative process. If you have any questions please get in touch

Or come to an event and meet me!

…invitations and tickets for events throughout the year 

“Art is more than decoration; it feeds our soul and sense of connection with the world.”