Nicholas Wilton You're making a painting first

Find your path to making authentic art

Making art starts with the basics of form: colour, line, value, design. We need to become fluent in using these if we want to make art which takes this basic vocabulary and turns it into poetry.

Nicholas Wilton joined me for this discussion where we talked about how to create true feeling in your work, bridging the gap between realism and abstract work, and ultimately how to extend your own personal art making journey.

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Usually art tuition starts at school, but as adults we get to choose our own learning experiences. You can learn a lot from well-chosen books, from YouTube, by taking a week long residential class (all of which I have done!) Finding your style is about more than how things look, as you will discover… exploring these ideas alongside a structured way to learn more about set principles has been a game changer for me.

Listen and see if you agree.

Nicholas Wilton You're making a painting first

I’m often asked to teach, and the truth is that I can’t do it as well as I learnt from this program, so I hope you will sign up for this workshop and start to grow and extend your own art vocabulary.

It starts with a new way to think about the language of design and colour but there’s much more to it than that. It’s free – why wouldn’t you?!

Art2Life free workshop
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