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Are you an artist with attitude [8]

This is really a juicy one. What happens when your work culminates in a show – but you’re still feeling dissatisfied? There is no doubt that making art is an emotional journey. Showing or selling it can feel even more raw – but it depends on your attitude. Hashtags and starlings all have a helping hand this week.

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What are you working on this week?

Louise is managing all the elements needed to hang a show and Alice wonders if getting work online at the same time as hanging a show an almost impossible feat. Even when you are doing all the work yourself there is a huge advantage in curating and arranging your own work in terms of reviewing your progress.

Sneak preview of Louise’s exhibition here

Alice has had to pivot her hanging plans for an upcoming art fair due to a change in circumstances beyond her control. But this led to some new energy into other paintings including using her hands. How do you feel about using tools in your work?

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How does your attitude as an artist help or hinder you?

Are you an artist with attitude? Without attempting to be psychologists (!) we share how we’ve learned to adjust how we react to certain situations or change our thoughts. For both of us this has led to lovely changes in our art and life. But it’s not always easy, and is certainly an ongoing practice. How do you respond when life throws you a curve ball?

Noticing and connecting with your emotions is part of being human and can be hard to manage, especially at art fairs. We talk about keeping your energy up in the face of bad sales or an overheard comment.

Oh, and then it all veers into magic and law of attraction 😉

I would love to hear your experience on this – please comment below as either an artist OR a visitor. x

Art Juice podcast Artist attitude

Audience Question

Thank you to Jennifer who asked “What’s the best way to find people looking to BUY art? (on social media)”. We have a few ideas but perhaps the main response will surprise you.

Inside / outside inspiration

After she just bought a new painting which has transformed her bedroom, Alice is buoyed by how much impact art can have in a home – and seeing the result of her recent collaboration with Zoffany designers. SEE IT HERE

Louise has felt supported by the magic of starlings. Here’s her photo

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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