How to overcome a creative block [6]

How do I get through creative block?
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We can all recognise this sorry state of affairs, and it’s not fun! We dig into the different times this can happen and share our ways of resolving it, but first….

What are you working on this week?

studio work in progress; playing with subtle transitions before I go back to larger changes (Alice Sheridan)

Louise has been wowed by learning about Facebook (it’s not all just paint, this being an artist business!) Alice has been going for a more subtle approach – which can feel slow, but perhaps these variations in speed of change are all part of the process? Identifying single words which rise to the surface seems to be helping; ‘transitions’ seems relevant for me right now.

What helps when you feel creatively blocked?

Art Juice podcast creative block

We discuss the difference between procrastinating, being temporarily frozen, or being truly blocked. Is a real block caused by a disconnect  between what you ‘want’ and what you are actually doing? Is it a result of losing your connection with your deeper self? While a pause is OK – and sometimes needed and necessary – we come up with some questions to ask yourself, and offer two different ways you can get inspired again by leaning in and investigating.

Audience Question & what’s inspired

We answer a listener who is struggling with multiple styles and wondering if they will ever converge. And discuss how a teenage concert reminded Alice of the importance of finding your own creative path, and that awe-inspiring self-belief. Let’s get some of that!


Muse Hysteria 

Live version  

Steven Pressfield interview

Louise’s 365-day self portrait project

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