How to make the most of your studio space [3]

Making the most of your studio space
Making the most of your studio space

What are you working on this week?

Alice has been tidying her studio using Marie Kondo’s methodology and has just published a blog post about the process. Having decided to pursue an online sales strategy, Louise has been developing a marketing plan and is plunging headfirst into the world of Facebook advertising..

Show us your studio space!

Some artists work in giant, light-filled spaces, others make space on the dining room table. But whatever the size, your studio set-up is crucial to make the most of your space. We discuss how to make the most of your space, why it’s important to keep making changes, and practical tips on flooring and lighting solutions.

LINK to the plasterer’s tube light we discuss.

Audience Question: How can I stay motivated when I don’t have a deadline?

Alice loves to work to a deadline, whereas Louise much prefers the space to play and experiment. Both share their perspectives on this common problem and wonder if there is something deeper behind the issue if you are stuck with motivation. Do you agree?

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