Selling your art your way [15]

How to sell art your way

“How can I sell more of my work?” is one of the biggest questions artists want answered But if the answer is as individual as your art, where do you begin. For us, it’s not what most of the sales experts tell you to do! We also discuss how to ignite the creative spark and the power of simply not caring what other people think.

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This week Alice has been taking part in two very different online challenges and working to find the balance between her own painting and the Connected Artist Club. Louise has also been managing a challenging workload alongside prepping boards/ideas for new work

OK, main topic….

This week we dive into the topic of selling – why it doesn’t need to be intimidating and why – above all – we must develop an approach that leverages our unique strengths and matches the interests of our target audience.

Whether you are worrying about how to do it online or how many people you need to be successful we have some thoughts for you. In the end, selling is like art-making – the more unique and personal your approach, the better you will be. Real world examples include a door-to-door art salesman, an enterprising London painter, and Alice’s window cleaner.

Audience Question

When you’re limited on time, how do you ‘magic up’ creativity? Can you switch it on? Anon

Alice has a view on starting with your energy rather than the creativity. Louise uses a dedication to time and being within her working space, but together we agree it’s not about waiting for a switch or flash of inspiration. However there ARE things you can do to set the scene and make sure the conditions are right for that creativity to flow…

Inside / outside inspiration

Alice is wondering why things take so long to get to – and then feel so easy! The magic of self care and the window pixie. Louise is still feeling inspired by her recent interview with Nicholas Wilton – his belief about artist path and what’s possible for anyone. Especially how to be dismissive of your brother-in-law!


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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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