Does your art need a gimmick to succeed? [13]

Does your art need a gimmick to succeed?

Does your art need a gimmick to succeed? If art has a quickly recognisable ‘hook’ does that make it easier to sell?

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This week Alice has been learning the value of taking detours – Louise is in flow with her work and both have been working together to share a free art workshop with Nicholas Wilton which will show you the three most powerful principles you can use to transform your art.

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We explore the idea of having a ‘gimmick’ – what does it mean within art? Is there a difference between artists who have settled on a process and/or subject matter that works for them, and those who are continually searching. Perhaps there isn’t as much of a difference as we are assuming and there is something here we can all learn from.

Our discussion ranges from pop art to cubism and from Damian Hirst to a colour-blind Yorkshire farmer.  Perhaps it’s not that art needs a gimmick to succeed – but that it needs a story, so that others can relate to it. Have you discovered yours yet?

When does personal style become a gimmick? Art Juice podcast 13

Audience Question

“How much do you concern yourself with contemporary, ‘critically relevant’ art? How do you navigate the call to innovate versus just following your own pleasure and intuition?”

Inside / outside inspiration

Louise finds joy, and a bit of surprise in the fact that she’s begun to have calls from interested buyers who want to buy her work … “I need to make that easier.”

Alice has been inspired by others doing what’s necessary to move things along for them, including learning new technology in order to get results.

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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