What are you willing to invest? [11]

Art Juice podcast image investing in your art

This week we’re discussing investments – not stocks and bonds, but the kind of investments you make (or don’t make) in yourself and your art practice. 

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Louise is finishing teaching her second course and after 5 months of helping other artists, she is looking forward to spending more time on her own work. Alice’s meeting with a commission client has provided her with direction on finishing the requested pieces.

Art Juice podcast image investing in your art

Investments can mean time, energy or money. Are you more prepared to invest in one over the other?

We consider the role that self-worth plays in our investment decisions, we discuss how we personally decide about spending money, how to judge whether something is a ‘good’ investment for you. Is it possible to make significant leaps forward if we are not willing to invest in ourselves in some way?

Audience Question

This week’s listener question is anonymous for obvious reasons. Our listener asks:

What would you do if you found that a gallery had hiked up your prices (to more than that of your other galleries) without letting you know?  I’m in a quandary about whether to throw my toys out of the pram and I don’t think the other galleries would be impressed.

Alice and Louise both agree that the issue here is not the other galleries. What matters is the relationship with this gallery. We wonder (hope!) if there could be good intentions behind their decision which could ultimately help your work. A calm and professional response is needed – and maybe time to reconsider your relationship depending on their track record.

Inside / outside inspiration

Louise is taking a new course and is inspired by learning from someone with a different perspective. Alice had an exciting and inspiring week, having opened up her membership group, the Connected Artist. She found that the limited places were snapped up in only 18 minutes (!) and she has found her conversations with the new members to be energizing and exciting.

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