Making the most of your studio space

How to make the most of your studio space [3]

What are you working on this week? Alice has been tidying her studio using Marie Kondo’s methodology and has just published a blog post about the process. Having decided to pursue an online sales strategy, Louise has been developing…
Podcast - is making art selfish?

Is making art selfish? [2]

Have you ever felt this way about making art? That perhaps it's a waste of time which would be better spent doing other, more productive things? After all, if no one else benefits from what you make then you are the only person this matters…
Art Juice podcast

Meet your podcast hosts [1]

Subscribe on iTunesListen on Google podcastsListen on Spotify Ever wondered what artists really think about? Perhaps you are an artist and would like some company while you are working. Art Juice is a new podcast from artists…
Art quote

Can you Kon Mari your studio?

This time of year always sparks a desire to freshen things up a little; often accompanied by a need to declutter and tidy my home and art studio. This year I've been accompanied by the #sparkjoy approach to decluttering of Marie Kondo who…
Bloom by Alice Sheridan 60x60cm abstract garden

The art of giving

One of the joys of my ‘job’ as an artist is seeing people fall in love with art and deciding they want a painting to enjoy forever. But it’s not always so straightforward. If there are two of you, you have each other’s taste to take…
Alice Neave interview

Talking titles with Alice Neave

Of course, with the same first name, how could I resist? I first met Alice a year ago at The Other Art Fair and we've been in touch since then via Instagram (her and me).  We recently had brief exchange about the importance of titles for abstract…
The Auction Collective

Sea Fever: Where is your favourite sea view?

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Discovering your favourite art and artists can be a tricky business. You can visit art fairs and meet the artist or see what your favourite gallery has to offer but it's good to see innovative ways to bring art buyers and artists together. So…
abstract detail

My Secret Sauce

Every month I talk to my friend Judith. She didn’t start out as friend, but by now we have both vented, cried, laughed, talked politics and replied to messages later in the evening than would usually be considered polite. I feel she knows…
Nicholas Wilton portrait

Nicholas Wilton's CVP - is it worth it?

I knew I wanted to elevate my art practice, but I wasn't sure what I needed... I had been looking at learning how to improve my website, or should I take an Instagram course? Instead I joined Nicholas Wilton’s CVP (Creative Visionary Programme)…

How to create a mood board for your art

One of the things which helps me in the studio is a 'mood board'  for my art. It's good to refresh this and I had become so used to looking at it, that my eyes passed over it and it was no longer serving its purpose.   So what's…
christmas decorations

Filling empty spaces with new intentions

The children rarely hop up and down with excitement when it's time to take the Christmas decorations down. There is a hesitation to say goodbye and fewer volunteers for this job than the excited unwrapping of the lights and re-discovery of favourite…
Affordable art fair viewing

Visiting an art fair

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Art fairs are a fabulous way to discover new artists and to buy exciting original art for your home, but they can also be overwhelming. I often see visitors wandering with a slightly glazed expression as there can be so much to look at. So…