Entries by Alice

Making Your Own Luck [207]

  Have you ever been worked really hard at something and then been told you were lucky to have it? This week, we’re diving into the topic of luck – how much of what happens to us is simply good (or bad) fortune, and how much is within our control? Last week, guest artist Faye […]

Be Your Own Champion – with Faye Bridgwater [206]

  Today we hear from award winning south coast artist Faye Bridgwater. Faye makes bright, uplifting paintings from her home studio, but it hasn’t always been this way…. At various steps over the last few years some bold moves have been needed. We talk about growing in to your own space and investing in yourself. […]

How to Sell Your Art [205]

  If you have ever wondered how to sell more art, this discussion is for you. We dive into the topic of making sales in a discussion that touches on the importance of email marketing, the value of a good social media presence, and the need to reduce friction wherever possible. While there can be […]

Is there another way to look at this? [203]

  Looking at things from a different angle is what artists should do best, but sometimes we get stuck in the trap of immediate thinking. Two seemingly unrelated topics, but both linked by a common idea… A listener asks why she constantly moves between projects without ever finishing anything, and we suggest some questions to […]

How to Handle Overwhelm [201]

  This week, we tackle the topic of overwhelm. What causes it and how can we get past it? This is our second time talking about this subject, but it is fresh for us this week because Louise has just ridden the ‘overwhelm wave.’ We discuss how it feels to simply have too much to […]

200 episodes! We get up close and personal [200]

  We can hardly believe it, but Art Juice is four years on and 200 episodes in and we’re still going strong. This week, we’re celebrating our anniversary with one of your favourite kinds of podcasts – one of those random chat ones, but this time doing something a bit different.  We’ve both picked questions […]

How ARE you doing? [199]

  This week Art Juice reached a milestone – 3 million downloads! This somewhat arbitrary number got us thinking about the whole topic of achievement – about the goals we set and the things we choose to measure. When are goals and numbers a useful way to stay on track and when can they pull […]

What Does it Mean to be an Artist? [198]

  This week, we’re discussing what it means to be an artist. Renowned music producer Rick Rubin has written a book in which he argues that the artist is a conduit for creativity comes from source energy. Therefore, he says, the artist’s job is to open themselves up as much as possible to receive whatever […]

Creating a Colour Storm with Damian Dibben [197]

  Today we welcome international author Damian Dibben to the podcast. He joins Alice to discuss his book The Colour Storm; an artistic thriller, set in Renaissance Venice, but the conversation goes further than that. Yes, the book is a great read – bringing to life the artists of the era and a search for […]

What’s next? A candid conversation about growth and learning [196]

  This week, we’re thinking about what comes next. We’re both working on new paintings and both facing different issues. Louise veered temporarily off track once she started trying too hard,  and Alice is wondering if some things are coming too easily. By definition, the life of an artist is about growth and change, and […]