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What Makes a Good Drawing? [172]

  This week, we turn our attention to the ancient art of drawing and in particular to the question of what makes a good drawing. We both often incorporate drawn marks into our abstract work, but what about drawing as an art form in itself, or as a preparation for paintings, or even as a […]

Mid-Year Reflections [171]

  As we hit the summer solstice, we take a pause to look back on the first half of the year, and ask what we might want for the next six months. This is exactly what summer solstice has always been on our half of the world – a time to slow down and enjoy […]

Finding your own Feel Good with Christine Evans [170]

  Ever wondered what’s next for you as an artist? In this episode Alice talks with artist Christine Evans who shares her own journey of her changing creative life.  We talk about “eating well as an artist and integrating different parts of your life which inspire you. Christine shares how she has faced some challenges, […]

Is it time for an art refresh? [169]

  How often do you stop to consider that’s happening in your art? Do you pause between series? Are there certain times of year where you leave your studio completely? This week we’re looking at the idea of creative flow and how a pause for reflection can help us move forward. Louise is currently exploring […]

How comfortable are you with the unknown? [168]

  This week we’re talking risk, ambiguity and the great unknown. As Louise prepares to teach her annual course, she has been reflecting on the blocks and fears that so many artists experience. Together, we explore our own comfort with risk – where are we willing to leap into the unknown and where do we […]

What’s Your Money Dance? [167]

  Welcome to an essential conversation about money with Michelle Walker. This is often the least favourite part of being an artist, but being profitable means being sustainable. How we manage the often-avoided subject and working out your relationship with money is key for your art career growth. We talk about calming your nervous system […]

Stretchy Goals or Easy Life? [166]

  As Alice gets back from two energising trips away we talk about where in life we find a balance to create the life we want. If we have ambitions and desires, sometimes we need to find that space and energy to face a stretchy goal. But we also need to make sure what you […]

How to Gain Confidence in Your Art (and Your Life) [165]

  Today Louise is joined by two guest artists – Trayci Tompkins from South Africa, and Amanda Pickles from North Yorkshire in the UK. Together they discuss the challenging issue of confidence. A few years ago, both Trayci and Amanda took the courageous decision to shift their art in a new direction. Trayci had many […]

The Truth about Becoming an Artist [164]

  This week we’re both preparing for solo exhibitions, something that would have seemed unbelievable to us when we first started out on our art careers. That prompted this informal chat about the lessons we’ve learned along the way, and some of the hurdles that can keep you stuck.  Some are things to avoid – […]

Are You in Too Much of a Hurry? [162]

  This week, Alice gets to grips with a DIY job and it sparks a discussion about time – in a world where there is never enough of it, how do we come to terms with this most troublesome aspect of life? In different ways, we have both experienced the downside of trying to do […]

Living a Creative Life with Jonathan Hall [161]

  What does it mean to live a creative life? What does it take to achieve your dreams? And is that any different if you write for a living rather than making visual art? This week, Louise is joined by writer Jonathan Hall, whose first novel was recently published to critical and commercial acclaim. But […]