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The Process of Abstraction [108]

If art is about communicating some aspect of how we see the world or what it means to be human; a selective recreation and not just nature or chance, it needs to express an idea. What is the meaning or the value in this representation? What’s your vision? This week, we’re digging into the subject […]

5 False Beliefs that Hold Artists Back [107]

Yes, it still happens… This week saw us both experiencing self-doubt brought on by limiting beliefs. This inspired us to create a list of the most common beliefs that we feel hold artists back. This is so important, because these beliefs are often unspoken and we might even experience them, not as beliefs but as […]

Take your Art to a New Level with Nicholas Wilton [106]

This week our special guest is Californian artist and Art2Life founder Nicholas Wilton. Nick has been helping artists to raise their game for many years and he has been a pivotal figure in both our careers. In this conversation, we discuss what it takes to elevate your work, whether talent has anything to do with […]

Creating Your 100 Day Project [105]

Have you found your creative well has run dry of inspiration? Especially recently? This week we have two projects to share with you which will help inspire and re-invigorate your art. The 100 day project was started by the designer Michael Beirut and has since become an annual free global art project for creatives. Just […]

How to Sell Art Online [104]

This can be biggest question for artists today: How do I sell my art online? Whether you are new and don’t know where to start, or would like to add more options for your potential buyers, in this conversation we share some tips to get started fast and how we began. This is a huge […]

Social Media for Artists: An Introduction [103]

As working artists, we have both used social media to build an audience and make sales. In this episode, we discuss how we approached social media when we first started, what we learned along the way, and how it plays into our marketing strategies today. This is an honest and open discussion that includes what […]

Artist Studios – Home or Away? [102]

As we look ahead we ask if the creative space you have suits the artist you want to become and look at some ideas to help you grow. This week we’re discussing the pros and cons of our different studio set-ups. Louise has a studio in her garden while Alice recently took the leap and […]

Are you a Painter or an Artist? with Seth Godin [100]

For our 100th episode, we are delighted to welcome Seth Godin to the podcast. Seth is a bestselling author and his new book “The Practice” is subtitled “shipping creative work.” and is a mission to inspire everyone to make a powerful commitment to themselves and their art. In this lively conversation, he explains why the […]

Best Art Year Ever? A Look Back at 2020 [99]

Last year we ran a special event called Your Best Art Year Ever, in which we led 3,500 people through a planning process to ensure that 2020 would indeed be their best year ever. Of course then Covid came along and threw everything up in the air. Nevertheless, life continued and this week, we’re looking […]

Crushing it in 2020: A positive lockdown story [98]

This week, we feature our third positive lockdown story – this time, our guest is American artist Rachel Davis, who transformed her attitude and her art business when Covid forced the closure of an important show and the cancellation of all her plans. Initially depressed and listless, Rachel was inspired into action after a friend […]

Do we have to like you to like your art? [97]

How much does the artist persona matter? This week’s episode was inspired by two different listener questions. Cathie asked whether likability matters when it comes to appreciating art (for example, does it matter that Gauguin might not have been the nicest person?). Meanwhile, Pam asked how much she has to reveal about herself in order […]