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Creative logistics

This project is 98% logistics and 2% creativity said artist Joshua Sofaer on Radio 4 this morning. He was talking about his current project ‘The Rubbish Collection’ which is one entire month’s worth of the museum’s rubbish laid out to demonstrate its inherent beauty. It is estimated to be over 28 tonnes of material. The […]

Learning from the story of Matisse

I know everyone has been raving about the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition which is currently showing at Tate Modern but I have to admit I wasn’t that tempted. Matisse isn’t one of my favourite artits; although I love the simplicity of many of his drawings, his colours are too bright for me and some of his […]

Prints made by 200+ people

As I was preparing for the recent Open House event I knew that one of the things people enjoy about it is the chance to find out more about the way an artist approaches their work. I always have sketchbooks on show, this time I also wanted to show people how a print is made […]

Visiting and finding new art

Wow! What a weekend. Thanks to all who came to visit us at Artists at Home this weekend – it was a record number of visitors. Whether this was due to the weather (not too hot, not too wet!) or the fact that I had Louise Richards showing her wonderful enamel jewellery with me, I […]

Artists at Home 2014

The last time I showed at Artists at Home my work was mainly landscape paintings. I had started to incorporate printed line and collage and was keen to try printmaking techniques to explore the mix between a controlled and gestural mark in a medium which can be very technical. I’ve had a great couple of […]

Making the most of mistakes

So today I have been sorting through work and framing up selected prints. The past few years has been a time of many experiments as I work my way through the print studio like a child in a sweet shop! I have generated a lot of work on paper with all the techniques, tests and […]


This weekend I went along to the Untitled Artists Fair at Chelsea old townhall.  It’s always inspiring to see work that other people are creating and it usually sparks new ideas of your own. One of the first displays that caught my attention was Urte Balcaite’s work. I’m often drawn to work that inspires me […]

Find your secret starting point

Almost a decade ago I was a frustrated artist. At home with two small children I just never had the time to pursue what I wanted, and I couldn’t see anyway I could make it possible. It was simply beyond the realm of my possibilities; no time for life drawing classes or location drawing for […]