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Collecting colours on a photo walk

If you expect ‘being creative’ is the same as being productive you are expecting too much. Part of the process is simply a conscious awareness. An awareness of surroundings and influences so that you choose which of these are relevant and which you will draw into your work. I have been out of the studio […]

Why you shouldn’t be scared of a creative detour

Any creative journey is a strange balance between knowing where you are going and being open to new things along the way. On Thursday I headed off to see the Works on Paper show which is currently on at the Science Museum in London. A lot of it was not to my taste (historic maritime […]

Magic contact lenses and how we see

I love my magic contact lenses. I wear them during the night and they correct my vision so that when I remove them in the morning I can see – what could be more magic! Unfortunately they don’t do all the hard work for me and there are still a few stages between seeing, analysing, […]

One painting that says it all

How do you choose one image that represents all your paintings? If part of the process of painting is eliminating and refining ideas then one image simply can’t say it all. This is what I had to consider earlier this month when the deadline arrived to choose an image to submit for our annual open […]

3 tips to plan your best year yet

It can be so easy to get caught up in daily life, let it wash over you and then suddenly think “Where did that time go?” Whether it’s a family or demanding job that take your attention, keeping your mind on a longer term vision can really help you keep moving forward. This is something […]

Keeping the hope

Anyone who says painting is easy has clearly never tried. Each mark is the result of a myriad different decisions, some are conscious and some are led by intuition. Which builds through knowledge and practice. One of the hardest things when I started painting was getting over the idea that I had to know it […]

Do you really want art to be a bargain?

So did you get caught up in the Black Friday mayhem last week? The consumerist Christmas binge day when we’re all encouraged to bag a bargain. Or did you remember that a bargain is only good value if you really wanted it in the first place? Whenever we spend money we’re asking ourselves: What benefit […]


Sshh… don’t tell anyone, but yesterday I skipped printing and went to the cinema instead. During the day… I know – how wonderfully decadent! What luxury. But why on earth would I choose to miss an activity I love doing? Surely making art is what I’m trying to make time for not running away from. […]

Who’s really in charge here?

This week in the studio I began with some fixed intentions…  But it didn’t go quite as planned… I was working on a commissioned painting that will be a birthday gift. It’s making me pretty nervous as it is hard to predict which direction a painting will take and exactly where it will end up. […]

Studio tip: from zero to hero

Sometimes it can feel a big jump making the transition from a sketchbook up to a ‘proper’ painting. So what to do when you want to get from zero to hero? One of the ways I have used in the studio to bridge the gap is to work on a set of ‘improper’ paintings. Having […]

Following the music

Are you guilty of encouraging your children to try new things and yet ducking out of activities you love yourself? This morning I met with other mums at my son’s school to talk about the upcoming school events. Early next year is an Anonymous Art Sale where all pieces are sold at an affordable price […]

3 ways to boost your sketchbook

This weekend I completed my Sketchbook in a Day project: a whole sketchbook completed in exactly the same surroundings that I had found so uninspiring at the start of the summer. Yet this time I had no trouble at all finding things I wanted to record; something had happened to shift my visual awareness and […]