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Curating or creating?

I wonder if any artists know in advance how their painting will look at the final outcome? I certainly don’t and as I start this new year I’m even more unsure of the direction my work is going… but perhaps with a stronger vision of what I’d like to achieve. Does that even make sense? […]

Peter Lanyon Soaring Flight

“It is impossible for me to make painting that has no reference to the very powerful landscape in which I live” spoke Peter Lanyon in 1963. He was painting at a time when American Abstract Expressionism was taking over the contemporary art scene and yet his work remained strongly rooted in the Cornish landscape; proof that […]

Christmas Art

Being invited into someone’s home is always a treat. So I was thrilled when I was invited to join a group of local artists and makers to join their pre-Christmas art show. It always takes a fair bit of effort to bring these events together: designing and printing flyers, letting local websites and ‘What’s on?’ […]

Using a large sketchbook to explore materials

Shaking things up is a great way to inject some new energy. Over the last year I have fallen into the habit of using smaller sketchbooks; usually ones that fit into the pocket of a waterproof jacket. So I deliberately bought a large sketchbook to expand the scale of marks and to challenge myself. This one […]

Sunday Sketchbook experiments

This morning dawned another grey and misty day on Dartmoor. Dartmoor mist is beautiful, but preferably not when it’s supposed to be August. Listening to the radio I heard A.L. Kennedy describe this August’s skies as “grey as a shark’s armpit” which did at least make me laugh out loud… so I pulled my slightly […]

Rain after a drought

So far it’s been a crazy summer – the sudden opportunity of a trip to Japan… the day after the open studios finished, swiftly followed by a family holiday to Turkey and then taking the children to Italy. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram may have seen the occasional updates. So […]

The blank page

This is not really what you want to see when you peel a print back from the press… Oops! Practically a blank page. The plate had been inked and wiped, rolled with a second colour and fine paper cut and glued for chine collé… and yet for some reason the glue didn’t take and the […]

Discovering new colours

Do you find that you are always attracted to the same colours? It may be colours you choose to wear, or to decorate your home. If you are a painter you will almost certainly have a colour palette that feels personal and natural to you. Some people go for cheery brights every time, while others prefer a […]

Burnt Umber, Manganese Blue and Hansa Yellow Light

Burnt Umber Manganese Blue Hansa Yellow Light My first colour choice was completely random. Although nothing is really random so something must have directed me… Ok then… Burnt Umber: because it is a staple colour and I needed somthing dark. Manganese Blue: I bought this one day to replace a Cerulean as they both fall […]

Colour mixing for April

My life needs simplifying! The first two months of #365create I have taken a random approach; a drawing while out and about, photographs, parts of larger paintings, getting ready for the Studio Show… And while this gives a good glimpse of the variety of art related elements racing round my head, it means each day […]

Trust in emergence

Any drawing is a process of interpreting what you see rather than what you think you see. Our brains are so strong in their collection of pre-conceived images that it can be hard to filter out what we know and instead draw what we are really looking at. This is exactly why life drawing classes […]

This is the end my friend

I know he was a genius but I have to disagree with Leonardo da Vinci. Apparently he once wrote; Art is never finished, only abandoned. …which strikes me as a rather defeatist way of deciding when a piece of work is complete. But if getting started on a blank canvas is daunting, then I’m not […]