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Learning from Two Masters of Their Craft [219]

  This week we were inspired by two different creative documentaries to consider what we might learn from two rather unexpected masters of their craft; from developing a persona to where we look for outside validation. We discuss constructing in the process of creating, the benefit outside influences can bring – and when to say […]

Where Next? Creative Shifts & Changing Priorities [218]

  What do you want from your art life? In this episode, Alice and Louise discuss the trials and joys of navigating through their own art careers. How do you know when it’s time to change? And how do you find the courage to make that change, when there is no way of knowing the […]

Finding Purpose in Your Art with Debbie Taylor-Kerman [217]

  Debbie Taylor-Kerman is a New York-based artist who paints about the issues that most concern her. This week she joins Louise to discuss her life and her work. Debbie shares her formative experiences as a fish-out-of-water art student and explains how that time resonates in her work even today. Her early feelings of isolation […]

Another Social Media Platform? [216]

  This week, we share our thoughts on Meta’s new social media platform Threads. Do you need to join? Do you have time to make the most of it? Is this something to help with your art career/business, or is it just a nice way of meeting new people and having interesting chats? Our conversation […]

How is your summer looking? [215]

  “I think, no, you’re not a real artist. I think we can all agree, Alice is not a real artist because she doesn’t want to draw villages.” And so it exists… amidst the every day trials of backache, family commitments we still carry around a load of rubbish ideas about what creativity looks like. […]

Staying creative through times of change [214]

  This week Louise is joined by Trayci Tompkins, a south African native who recently uprooted her life and her art practice and moved to the UK. As artists, many of us crave change and yet change can also derail us – especially when we don’t take the time to understand and acknowledge just how […]

To Show or Not to Show: The Artist’s Dilemma [213]

  This week, we’re discussing the benefits and challenges of showing our artwork, whether that is online or in person. Making art is a deeply personal experience but, for many of us, showing our work is also a vital part of the process. We made the work as a way of communicating something, and it’s […]

Making room for creativity [212]

  Drowning in piles of paper? Find it hard to decide what you still need to keep in your studio…? Today we take a closer look into the psychology of your creative space with Helen Sanderson, author of The Secret Life of Clutter. With a creative background herself, Helen believes in our key strengths; we […]

Patience, Perspective, and the Benefit of Experience [211]

  Alice and Louise are together for the first time in weeks and their arty catch-up turns into an exploration of the importance of honouring our own creative processes. This includes resting when necessary, but also understanding when you need to take action. When is it worthwhile to push a little, and to test out […]

Behind the Scenes on a Creative Life with Alice and Jo [210]

  Well, hello and welcome to this rather different episode where Alice is put on the spot (gently!) by Jo McCarthy who works as a mentor for creatives – and also within Connected Artist Club (it’s open now – but we close on 31st May, so don’t delay!) This conversation digs a bit deeper into […]

Are You Getting in Your Own Way? With Georgina Noel [209]

  This week Louise is joined by mindset and business coach Georgina Noel. Georgina regularly works with artists who want to take their business (or their life) to the next level and she’s here to drop some truth bombs on us! Our conversation centres around our mindset and the limiting beliefs we carry with us. […]

Spin Off Sales and Ideas with Robin Davisson [208]

  Robin’s aim is to subvert some of the traditional, outdated aspects of the art world that keep art out of reach for many and to make it more attainable for all. It didn’t start out this way. In fact, it started (as for many of us) by taking over the end of a table and […]