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Are You in Too Much of a Hurry? [162]

  This week, Alice gets to grips with a DIY job and it sparks a discussion about time – in a world where there is never enough of it, how do we come to terms with this most troublesome aspect of life? In different ways, we have both experienced the downside of trying to do […]

Living a Creative Life with Jonathan Hall [161]

  What does it mean to live a creative life? What does it take to achieve your dreams? And is that any different if you write for a living rather than making visual art? This week, Louise is joined by writer Jonathan Hall, whose first novel was recently published to critical and commercial acclaim. But […]

How Important is Beauty in Art? [159]

  Do you feel your art needs to be beautiful? And if so, what do you mean by beauty? We dive into this topic because we are both thinking about this idea as our work morphs and changes. We discuss the role of beauty in art history and how much of the art that we […]

Artist Residencies with Kate Cosgrove [158]

  As an award winning illustrator, Kate Cosgrove is used to bringing visions to life, but post-pandemic she was feeling in need to spend time with her own creativity. In this conversation from the land’s end of the UK, Kate speaks with Alice about artist residencies. Perhaps this is something you’ve considered, or even been apprehensive […]

What does success mean to you [156]

  How do you define success for yourself as an artist? Often we follow other people’s versions of success and in this episode we share our journey – not OF success, but how we define it – and how that has changed over time. In particular, we distinguish between external and internal yardsticks. External yardsticks […]

How to Talk About Your Art [155]

  Talking about our work can be challenging. You might not know what to say – how to find the words to describe the feelings – or you might feel self-conscious, thinking others don’t want to hear or that they may judge you. But, learning to talk about your art can open so many doors […]

How to Showcase Your Art Online [154]

  How important is it to present your artwork in a real room – even if it’s not real? This week’s show was inspired by a listener question about in situ apps. These are apps that allow you to place your artwork into rooms, so that buyers can see how your painting might look in […]

Titles for Paintings & Feeling Professional (Not) [153]

  Well, hello! Today we started a bit pear-shaped (ever felt like you were pretending to be professional?) But this evolved into an interesting discussion around titles for paintings, and following the thread of where your work leads you. Both of us are developing work for upcoming exhibitions and we are finding that we have […]

What Are You Willing to Do? [152]

  “What do you want?” and “what are you willing to do to get it?” This week, we’re digging into these questions and sharing real-world examples of the kinds of decisions artists face when growing a business … should you invest in that new website? Should you start a Youtube channel? Should you give that […]

How to Find Satisfaction in Your Work [151]

  Making art isn’t always an easy path to take. But it’s one we choose because it enriches our life, even when the conditions may never feel perfect. Today’s discussion centres on what your art can teach you when you accept the invitation to step forward. We are joined by abstract artist and teacher Nicholas […]