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200 episodes! We get up close and personal [200]

  We can hardly believe it, but Art Juice is four years on and 200 episodes in and we’re still going strong. This week, we’re celebrating our anniversary with one of your favourite kinds of podcasts – one of those random chat ones, but this time doing something a bit different.  We’ve both picked questions […]

How ARE you doing? [199]

  This week Art Juice reached a milestone – 3 million downloads! This somewhat arbitrary number got us thinking about the whole topic of achievement – about the goals we set and the things we choose to measure. When are goals and numbers a useful way to stay on track and when can they pull […]

What Does it Mean to be an Artist? [198]

  This week, we’re discussing what it means to be an artist. Renowned music producer Rick Rubin has written a book in which he argues that the artist is a conduit for creativity comes from source energy. Therefore, he says, the artist’s job is to open themselves up as much as possible to receive whatever […]

Creating a Colour Storm with Damian Dibben [197]

  Today we welcome international author Damian Dibben to the podcast. He joins Alice to discuss his book The Colour Storm; an artistic thriller, set in Renaissance Venice, but the conversation goes further than that. Yes, the book is a great read – bringing to life the artists of the era and a search for […]

An Art Career as a Second Act with Bibby Gignilliat [195]

  This week, Louise is joined by Californian artist Bibby Gignilliat for a discussion about starting an art career later in life. Both Bibby and Louise had corporate careers and then founded businesses that had nothing to do with art. In this conversation, they share their experiences of starting an art career as a second […]

One Direction [194]

  What would your perfect day look like? Or your week. What would you like to bring into your life? Today we are asking about your One Direction and how that shows up in the way you make art. Finding the core thread in your art; the chinese whisper that runs through a painting or […]

Marketing Your Art without Marketing [193]

  This week, we follow on from last week’s discussion on Marketing without Social Media and ask ‘what if you could market without marketing?” Too often artists see marketing as an intimidating idea – something to be endured rather than enjoyed. In fact, many artists question whether it’s even necessary, wondering why they should be […]

Marketing without Social Media with Astrid Bracke [192]

  If you’ve been frustrated with social media recently, you may have found yourself wondering “Is there another way?” In this episode Alice speaks with guest Astrid Bracke about ways to move your business away from social media… but what instead? We talk about making space to create in a way you enjoy, using your […]

Studio Starts – getting going again [191]

  How are you doing with getting going again on your creative work? Maybe you didn’t take a break over the Christmas period, but at some point you will know the rusty feeling of facing a blank canvas or feeling like you’ve lost touch with what you wanted to do. Today we’re discussing all the […]

Ask Us Anything [189]

  This is our last episode of the year and we thought it would be nice to hear from you! We asked for your questions and received messages from all over the world. So today you get a quick fire as we play those messages and give our replies. We covered developing a process of […]