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Working as a Female Artist in a Man’s World [29]

This week we’re discussing gender and how it influences the way we work. The high-end art world continues to be dominated by men and yet attend any workshop and most of the artists there will be women. Are female artists victims of a sexist society? Or are we actually holding ourselves back? Amongst looking for […]

Summer sketchbooks and charity donations [28]

We discuss our different approaches to summer – Louise doesn’t slow down in summer and in fact, her online course is about to start which means she is working even harder. Alice has children, which means her summers have always been a time for family. So how do we fit art in to that?! Keeping […]

Navigating Change in our Art [27]

This week we’re talking about transitions – those times when our work moves into a new phase. When do we need to activate change in our art? Perhaps it comes upon us almost without us noticing – perhaps we make a conscious decision, but either way, change can be both exciting and unsettling. Louise is […]

Fuel Your Success by Sharing Your Creative Process [24]

Sharing our creative process is a highly effective way to connect with potential collectors. In fact, in today’s world it is essential, but it can feel vulnerable. Today we share our experiences and tips for exposing your art… This week Louise has been organizing her files and ideas for marketing and enjoying how much better […]

Two very different Open Studios [23]

How do you do it? This week we share our reports from two very different open studios. One spans over 3,000 square miles with one that covers an area of just 3 square miles. In this packed episode we also discuss the surprise of finding you enjoy something you didn’t want to do, and the […]

Are limiting beliefs holding you back? [22]

Many artists carry around ideas and beliefs that don’t serve us, and which actually often don’t even feel like beliefs. Instead, they feel like established facts. It’s only when we recognise the problem, that we can start to challenge the thoughts that are preventing our next move – and replace them with something more effective. […]

Why you should break the rules of mixed media [21]

Our main topic was inspired by a question from a listener, who asked ‘why on earth would you use oil pastel with acrylics!” He went on to say “Surely this will lead to problems later in the longevity of the paintings? Oil and water just do not mix after all!” This week Louise talks about […]

When is it time to delegate? [20]

Do you ever feel like a boiling frog? So busy that you don’t  notice that “enjoyably in demand” has turned into “totally overwhelmed and frazzled?” As artists, it’s often a challenge to ask for help – partly because some of our work HAS to be done by us, and partly because we can’t accept that […]

Are Artists Ever Satisfied [19]

This week, we discuss why so many artists are driven to continually change  … is this the natural state of all artists? Or do we vary in this? This week Louise has been finishing paintings and promo for open studios using different process this time by putting a strong intention in place first. You can […]