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The Value of Your Artist Network [78]

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more followers on Instagram – who weren’t artists? Do you worry that you’re not reaching enough buyers? Do you strive only for gallery owners and interior designers? This week, we’re flipping this issue on it’s head to highlight the positive aspects of a strong artist network.  As […]

New and Exciting Ways to Sell Art Online [77]

Alice just held a virtual open studios and it sparked so many ideas for both of us.  It turns out that when galleries close, and art fairs cancel, and open studios can’t happen, we are forced to come up with new ways to market our work. The possibilities are infinite – each of us just […]

Growing Pains [76]

If you’ve ever send a marketing email with a dead link, started a project with no idea how to manage it, or spent years trying to make the wrong thing work, this episode is for you! This week’s topic was inspired by a busy and stressful week for both of us – a week in […]

Finding the Creative Spark [75]

This week we’re discussing creativity and specifically how to spark new ideas or creative energy. For Louise, the impetus seems to come when she is most busy, so that she has less time to think and dabble and is forced to take action quickly. For Alice, space and time and quiet are very important … […]

How to avoid the over-thinking trap [74]

Has over-thinking in your studio ever frozen you in your tracks? But you also want to bring more consideration to you art than pure intuition? This one is for you! During our conversation with Brian last week, Alice asked “Is it enough to just focus on a buttery brush stroke?” and this led to a […]

Should Artists Work for Free? [71]

This week’s main topic was prompted by Alice’s decision to lend a painting to a leading home decor magazine. The painting appears on the front cover this month, but some people were critical of her decision to loan the piece free of charge.  So in this episode, we discuss whether it’s OK to work for […]

Can You Sell Art During a Crisis? [68]

You can’t sell luxury items like art during a global pandemic. This seems to be a widely held belief and yet artists all over the world are discovering that it’s not true. In fact, many artists are now selling online for the first time and finding more success than they ever expected. Indeed, we both […]

How to Fall in Love with Your Art [67]

This week’s episode was prompted by a question from Kate, an Australian artist who asked: “Should you like your own work? Do you ever stop fighting that inner critic (and external critics) and just start enjoying the process?” We both believe that loving your own work is crucial, touch on how we evaluate our work […]