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How Limitations can Boost Your Creativity [149]

  When – and why – is it a good idea to place limits on your work? First, we discuss the benefits of limiting ourselves in some way. That might mean using a limited colour palette or setting rules for a certain body of work; it might mean keeping everything to one size; or it […]

Intuitive Painting [148]

  In this episode, we explore the idea of intuitive painting. What does that term even mean? And how does it relate to what we do? Regular listeners will not be surprised to learn that we have different ideas about the importance and role of intuition, but in the end we agree that there is […]

Branding for Artists with Mariana Durst [147]

  In this conversation, we discuss what it means to have an artist brand (and why we all have one even if we don’t know it). We also dive into the questions you can ask yourself to identify and refine your own brand, and Mariana shares some of the  mistakes she sees artists make. This […]

That’s a Wrap: We Look Back on the Year [146]

  Can you believe we’ve reached December? In this time-bending last episode of the year we decided to look back over 2021. While you may not want to re-live it (!) we look at what went well, what we learned, and start to think about what might change next year. We also stumble across a […]

To Gallery or Not to Gallery [145]

  Have you ever wondered whether having your work in a gallery is the right choice for you? This episode, we’re following from last week’s interview with a gallery owner and answering a listener question from Helen. She asked why we chose to represent ourselves rather than pursue the gallery route. Helen also asked: “can […]

How to Find (and Keep) Gallery Representation [144]

  “How do I find gallery representation?” is something at the forefront of many artists’ minds. How can I stand out for an art gallery and why do they choose the artists they do? In this episode, Louise meets gallerist Sarah Collier who runs the beautiful Silson Contemporary gallery in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Sarah explains […]

Navigating Change in Your Art [141]

  If you’ve ever felt frustrated when trying something new in your art this week is for you. Originally planned as a chat about persevering with unfamiliar materials, this soon broadened into a conversation about change in our work. We discuss the importance of finding ways to shift our work, and the role materials can […]

Where do You Find Support? [140]

  This week, we’re talking support systems – what are they? How do we find them? And why do we need them? We have supported one another over the last few years and we have both found the relationship valuable for different reasons. But what are the other ways we have found to support ourselves? […]

Go Your Own Way [139]

  This week, we dive into a successful launch and tease out the lessons we can all learn. Louise recently released her book Life Force which is about the process of making a series of paintings and then she released the actual paintings online. This had always been her plan but along the way, she […]

Social Media is not Your Business [138]

  This week, we discuss the recent Facebook outage along with Instagram and Whats App and share our thoughts on the realisations it brought up. We rely on these apps for all sorts of things – we connect with our friends, we share our art, and some of us run our businesses using at least […]