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Creating versus Producing … a Chance to Reset? [65]

As the UK lockdown continues, we discuss the unfolding situation and the continual emotional shifts we are all experiencing. Here in Britain we are seeing some of our most well-known artists responding in different ways. Tracy Emin wrote an online diary; David Hockney is making new paintings; and Grayson Perry is filming a new TV […]

Responding Creatively [64]

In this episode, we address the massive changes that so many of us are experiencing and discuss how they affect our lives and our creativity.  Very few artists seem able to continue as normal. Instead we are dealing with new realities, creating new routines, managing anxieties, and finding new ways to express ourselves creatively (including […]

The Times They Are a Changing – BONUS EPISODE [62]

Things are changing so quickly. Last week, we recorded a normal episode … a few days later and we are preparing for a lock-down. As Brits, we tend towards the “keep calm and carry on”‘ wartime spirit, and yet we are also human. So we feel anxiety, and stress about lost income, and worry about […]

Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing for Artists [59]

Marketing is a thorny topic for many artists – viewed as a necessary chore. But what if you approached it in a different way? This week, Louise is flying solo and sharing her experience with, and enthusiasm for, content marketing.  This means promoting yourself and your art by sharing content … either on social media, […]

Is it Time to Leave Your Comfort Zone? [58]

What is your optimum comfort level? Do you work well under a bit of pressure or would you rather stay just where you know? This week, we’re discussing comfort zones. This is a phrase coined by a business consultant called Alasdair White who described it as: “a psychological state in which things feel familiar to […]

Is This Your Year? Bonus Episode [57]

If you are an artist, this is the time of year when you start to hear about CVP, the online 12-week course taught by Nicholas Wilton. (Full name: The Creative Visionary Program). We have both taken this course in the past and Alice has been part of the team as a CVP coach in 2019 […]

How Do I Find My Style? [55]

This week’s episode was inspired by a question from an artist who wrote: “I can draw well, and I paint in watercolour and acrylics but my style is all over the place. How can I find a style and settle on it?” We discuss whether you need to settle on a specific style, or whether […]

Creating the Impossible & Making Bold Moves [54]

This week’s chat was inspired by Michael Neill’s book “Creating the Impossible.” The book, which is subtitled “A 90 Day Program to Get Your Dreams Out of Your Head and into the World,” argues that we can accomplish more than we ever imagined without the constant stress and pressure associated with high achievement and asks “what […]