Entries by Alice

When Does It Pay to Plan Ahead? [46]

As artists sometimes we are not that organised… we like to be free spirits, right? But this really doesn’t work if we want to move our careers forward and take advantage of all the opportunities available to us. This week, we discuss our own approaches to planning for events such as exhibitions, contests, art fairs […]

How to Sell More Art with Nicholas Wilton [44]

Nicholas has an unusual take on the age-old topic of selling art  – and it’s one that might surprise you. This week, we welcome a special guest. Nicholas Wilton is a Californian painter who also runs a successful online art course called The Creative Visionary Program (a course both Alice and Louise have taken in the […]

8 Ways to Make it Easy to Gift Your Art [43]

As the holidays approach, we discuss how you can encourage others to give your art as a gift (or to ask for your art as a gift). The challenge, of course, is that art is a highly personal choice, so buyers might be concerned about “getting it wrong.” We put our heads together and came […]

Are Art Fairs actually any good for Artists? [42]

This week we’re discussing art fairs. We both have a slightly different perspective on these events – one of our rare disagreements – so today we’re tackling it head on. Louise asks: “Are art fairs really a viable sales vehicle for most of us? Or are many artists paying high fees to rent space without […]

Coaching Creativity with Judith Morgan [40]

Today’s special guest believes creatives best get clear “with our mouths open”. Talking, and more importantly, listening is key to her role as a coach. Judith Morgan has been coaching for 15 years and Alice’s coach – rather on a whim – for the past 5 years and before that has launched and sold a […]

The Role of Intention in Our Work [39]

Here we go… this seemed a good idea when we planned it, but perhaps I’m finally ready to face up to some harsh truths… Alice is feeling a shift in direction and has been exploring the idea of intention for her work. This sparks a discussion about the role of intention in art-making. Do we […]

How Finding Your “Why” Can Transform Your Art [35]

Can you explain why you do what you do? This can be an essential stage in establishing your art and helping you move through creative blocks and convey your story. This week we also touch on ideas around money and Alice has been inspired by two “artist date” trips. Today’s discussion was promoted by a […]