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What’s in a Name? Talking Titles [Art Juice 243]

  This week, we’re talking titles. Yep, that stage when you think the work is complete – and there’s still the process of coming up with a title for your masterpiece. Does it even matter what we choose? Do they make you more or less likely to buy a painting?  From locations to the disappointment […]

How to Price Your Art [242]

  Often a sensitive and uncomfortable topic, but the question of how to price your art is essential to consider – and to confront if you are to avoid getting stuck in the weeds of self-doubt! In this episode we run through some common pricing strategies artists use and cover the pros and pitfalls of […]

Soul Made Events: with Kellee Wynne [Art Juice 241]

Today we’re talking about that tipping point moment when you know things need to change. This happens at various stages of the creative path. There are times when we need a little nudge, time to reflect or sometimes even to be given permission to create what we desire OR to strip back and gain some […]

The #1 Way to Sell (or Share) Your Art [Art Juice 240]

  If you want to sell art (or workshops or mentoring), what’s the most effective way? You might think of galleries or art fairs or group exhibitions, but in our experience, the answer is none of those. In our experience, the good old email list our most effective sales tool. And yet, many of us […]

Nurturing Our Ideas [Art Juice 239]

  As artists, we rarely lack ideas. But how do you nurture those ideas so that they come to full fruition? It’s possible to rush that first inkling, so that it never has a chance to reach its full potential. It’s also possible to have so many flashes of inspiration that you never find a […]

The Value of a Sketchbook Practice [Art Juice 238]

  How do you use sketchbooks? Do you make beautiful illustrative drawings or is your book more of a scrapbook? Do you work regularly in sketchbooks or only now and then? And do you prefer loose sheets or actual books? This week we’re diving into all this and more. Sketchbooks are a place we return […]

More Sales Please! with Sara Dalrymple [Art Juice 237]

  The art of selling may not feel like it comes easily, but today Sara Dalrymple joins Alice to talk about how artists can see this differently. We talk about preserving your no. 1 asset, a key non-negotiable you must be prepared for, and more than one reason why artists are perhaps BEST placed for […]

New Year’s Catch Up [Art Juice 236]

  Roll on 2024! It’s been a while since we’ve recorded together and we really enjoyed getting back together for this catch-up chat. Our primary focus this week is the the differing ways we have both begun the new year. Alice eased in to 2024 with a lot of family time, while Louise took an […]

The State of Instagram in 2024 [Art Juice 235]

  As we bounce (?!) back into 2024 after a seasonal break I’m joined by JoMcCarthy for an informal discussion around how we find ourselves using Instagram – or planning to. This isn’t a strategy plan, or top tips for getting the best marketing results, but about how we use the platform, and finding ways […]

How was your year? [Art Juice 234]

  As we head for our Christmas break, we look back on 2023 and ask ‘how did it go?’ For this episode, we pulled out planners and notebooks to look back on what we hoped to achieve and how it all went. This process can be so valuable; the pause is a chance to reflect […]

Patience, Persistence and Self-Belief [Art Juice 233]

  This week, we’re all about inspiring women. Louise reveals a surprising fascination with medieval history, and explains how it led her to reflect on the value of patience, persistence and self-belief even when it seems unwarranted. If one determined woman can beat seemingly insurmountable odds to find a long-dead King, what might we be […]

Minding the Gap [232]

  This week, we answer a question from a new listener who has recently begun to paint. Eric is wondering how to make the leap from copying images to making his own unique work. This question sparked a discussion about the ways in which artists find their own unique path. For us, this has included […]