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Crushing it in 2020: A positive lockdown story [98]

This week, we feature our third positive lockdown story – this time, our guest is American artist Rachel Davis, who transformed her attitude and her art business when Covid forced the closure of an important show and the cancellation of all her plans. Initially depressed and listless, Rachel was inspired into action after a friend […]

Do we have to like you to like your art? [97]

How much does the artist persona matter? This week’s episode was inspired by two different listener questions. Cathie asked whether likability matters when it comes to appreciating art (for example, does it matter that Gauguin might not have been the nicest person?). Meanwhile, Pam asked how much she has to reveal about herself in order […]

Success Stories: A Winter Boost [96]

Some cheering stories for you! This week, we’re returning to a listener question from episode 93, when Cherrie asked if we knew of any positive lockdown stories. As the UK enters a second national lockdown, we decided to talk with two artists about how they have made the most of this strange year. First, Alice […]

Marketing Art for Holiday Gifts [94]

With only two months until Christmas, this seems the perfect time to revisit a topic we first discussed in episode 43 – how to encourage people to consider giving your art as a holiday gift (or requesting it as one for themselves!) This time, we cover the importance of good copywriting; the benefit of a […]

Inspiration or Imitation? [92]

This week’s topic was inspired by a question from Sharon Mayfield who wrote “can you discuss imitation and originality. Is there any such thing as ‘original’ art work these days? Is it ‘wrong’ to reflect styles of work or techniques we’ve seen used by other artists?” This week, we discuss the difference between ‘stealing like […]

What Moves You Forward? Internal vs. External Motivation [91]

This week, we’re discussing the ways in which we motivate ourselves and move our work forward. Sometimes that comes from external input such as workshops, groups and one-on-one coaching. Sometimes we find the inspiration within ourselves. In this episode, we share our experiences of workshops, discuss how we choose the right teachers, and make suggestions […]

How To Build a Following for Your Art? [90]

How do I actually sell my art? This can be so frustrating for artists especially if you look at people further ahead than you and think there is some magic formula. But artists today have a massive opportunity to create their own following independently of, or in collaboration with galleries. This week, we discuss how […]

How do you measure your success as an artist? [89]

Many artists shy away from numbers and spreadsheets, but we both believe it’s vital to track key metrics in order to measure your progress. But don’t panic! This week we’re discussing the idea of success… what does it mean to be a successful artist and how do you know if you are achieving your goals? […]

Go Big! Should you scale up to larger work? [88]

Is there a perception in the art world that big is better?  Do you gain more respect if you make larger paintings? This week we debate whether size matters and share our own personal experiences of scaling up our work. We discuss the challenges of working larger, including the need to think differently, choose the […]

Recognising transitions in changing times [87]

As we approach “back to school” in the UK and Louise’s course comes to end, we are both thinking about making changes to your studio work and how we manage transitions. But the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll and in this episode, we discuss how that has manifested for each of us. From a […]