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The Role of Intention in Our Work [39]

Here we go… this seemed a good idea when we planned it, but perhaps I’m finally ready to face up to some harsh truths… Alice is feeling a shift in direction and has been exploring the idea of intention for her work. This sparks a discussion about the role of intention in art-making. Do we […]

How Finding Your “Why” Can Transform Your Art [35]

Can you explain why you do what you do? This can be an essential stage in establishing your art and helping you move through creative blocks and convey your story. This week we also touch on ideas around money and Alice has been inspired by two “artist date” trips. Today’s discussion was promoted by a […]

Working for Hire: What to Consider about Commissions [34]

Are commissions an essential part of being artist? Or do they scare you a little? This week’s discussion was sparked by a question we received from a listener. AJ asked this question about commissions: “I am an up and coming artist with a handful of commission requests. I would love to learn about the professional […]

Working as a Female Artist in a Man’s World [29]

This week we’re discussing gender and how it influences the way we work. The high-end art world continues to be dominated by men and yet attend any workshop and most of the artists there will be women. Are female artists victims of a sexist society? Or are we actually holding ourselves back? Amongst looking for […]

Summer sketchbooks and charity donations [28]

We discuss our different approaches to summer – Louise doesn’t slow down in summer and in fact, her online course is about to start which means she is working even harder. Alice has children, which means her summers have always been a time for family. So how do we fit art in to that?! Keeping […]