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The Ins and Outs of Reproduction Prints [130]

  If you have ever wondered “Should I make prints of my art?” this episode will help unpick some of the things to consider. We’re talking reproduction giclée prints (not to be confused with the prints made by printmakers). Alice has built a good revenue stream from prints of her original paintings while Louise has […]

It’s All About the Process [129]

  Last week’s conversation with David Mankin sparked a conversation about process, so this week, we’re sharing our processes and discussing our own ideas about, and approaches to, painting. As you might have guessed there are some differences! How has your process in art-making developed? We think knowing what works for you is a vital […]

Process & Inspiration with David Mankin [128]

  In this episode, Louise chats with Cornish painter David Mankin about his new book Remembering in Paint. The book brings the reader inside Mankin’s process, from initial inspiration all the way through to finished paintings, and the idea of the artistic process is central to the book. We begin the conversation with an introduction […]

How to Stay in Your Own Lane [125]

  This week we are talking Teflon bubbles, and how to be completely normal to avoid all criticism! We had some listener feedback which prompted us to consider how we manage to stay focused, and also feeling less hurt when you receive feedback which could throw you off-track. In the ‘old’ days we both would […]

Curating Your Art [124]

So, you’ve done all the work – lots of it! Now, how do you curate an exhibition or display which is going to show it off well? This week we’re responding to a question from Sara, a listener who recently exhibited a series of paintings. Sara hung 49 paintings in a “gallery wall” style display […]

Building an Art Career (Louise’s story) [122]

This week, we’re discussing Louise’s story with Alice leading the conversation. We track back through Louise’s life and discuss the touch points – three key moments when things shifted for her.  These include moving back from New York to Yorkshire, meeting Alice and following her instincts, and finding a life coach who helped her move […]

Building an Art Career (Alice’s story) [121]

Have you ever wondered how we came to be doing what we’re doing? If so, the next two episodes are for you. This week, we’re diving into Alice’s story, in a conversation led by Louise. You’ll learn all about Alice’s journey from graphic design to a full-time career as an artist, and what exactly that […]

Being Brave with Colour

If there’s one thing in modern art making which drives me crazy, it’s the notion that artists should keep to a fixed colour palette in order to be recognisable or consistent. Historically the colours in paintings may have been limited by available pigments, or relative cost but these days we have so much available and […]

Launching a Collection of Paintings [120]

Recently, we both launched a series of paintings via our websites, and in this episode, we discuss the experience and what we learned. For both of us, this was a relatively new experience – Alice usually launches her new works at in-person events and Louise has traditionally added paintings to her website on an ad-hoc […]