How to make decisions (when you can’t know the outcome) [86]

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Our podcast reached 500,000 downloads this week and we are celebrating by looking back on our decision to start recording together. This led to a discussion about how we make decisions and how we judge success. What would have happened if we hadn’t done this together? And would we have continued if no-one had listened to the first 20 episodes? How do we even judge success, given that we never set a target in the first place?

Alice suggests that one way to decide anything is to ask ‘does it feel fun?’ Louise suggests that there has to be some kind of reward to keep you going – and sometimes the reward is simply the enjoyment of the process.

We both agree that (a) your decisions should be guided by what feels good (b) the rewards have to be internal (external validation is less important) and (c) that we shouldn’t look for results too quickly; everything takes time to build.

In this episode, we also take a detour into our school days via Alice’s school reports and answer a question from a listener about selling styles – when are we helping people decide and when are we just being pushy?


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  1. ria burnett
    ria burnett says:

    Congrats on 500k! Absolutely fabulous! Always timely, always inspiring, and almost always a giggle or two! Go carts! Loved the school reports! I do everything BUT make art while I’m listening. This evening I watered my cosmos “forest”. Lovely!?

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