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In this episode, we address the massive changes that so many of us are experiencing and discuss how they affect our lives and our creativity.  Very few artists seem able to continue as normal. Instead we are dealing with new realities, creating new routines, managing anxieties, and finding new ways to express ourselves creatively (including my’s ongoing experiment in using up out of date food, just to find out what happens!) This week, we share the very real changes in our own lives and discuss our different responses – how do we continue to express ourselves creatively when everything around us is so uncertain?  We also debate the role of the artist in challenging times and share a new idea that we hope will inspire you. 

#markthistime is our response to the current situation – it is early days and the idea is evolving. There is more to come. For now, we very much hope you will join us and make art to mark this time.

Our manifesto reads:

We are experiencing an unprecedented situation. One that calls for artists to step up. We need positive messages. We need reportage. We need insights. We need community. We need to mark this time.

The media mark this time with dramatic exaggeration. The politicians mark this time with obfuscation  — it falls on artists to mark this time by bearing witness, by being present, by documenting,  by connecting, by offering perspective – most of all by sharing our experience and letting it shine a light on the experiences of others. It falls to us to truly mark this time.

So come join the movement. Make art to mark this time.

Make whatever you feel called to make and share your work on Instagram with the hashtag #markthistime. We will be curating and sharing images each day on IG , the Facebook Page and on the new website we will create at


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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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