How Do I Find My Style? [55]

This week’s episode was inspired by a question from an artist who wrote: “I can draw well, and I paint in watercolour and acrylics but my style is all over the place. How can I find a style and settle on it?”

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We discuss whether you need to settle on a specific style, or whether it’s OK to have multiple strings to your bow. Perhaps this varies depending on your goals for your art. We also share our own individual journeys, and debate whether there are concrete steps you can take to find your own style.

An artist’s style, we agree, is the result of many different choices (subject matter, media, process, and decisions about colour and design and value among many other things). But it is also something that evolves – and that is perhaps never fully defined. After all, many of the “greats” changed styles multiple times as they explored different ideas or different ways of making their work. Most of, we both feel that your style is something that comes through doing rather than thinking – you must make work and in the process of making that work, you find your style.

This is also one with giggles over builders, a few tears and even disagreements over confectionery!


I changed a painting quite drastically recently and suddenly it worked and gave me that *buzz*. Watching Nick’s video helped me to understand why it worked which was really valuable, because at the time it was just a lucky accident!


Lesley Birch:

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

5 replies
  1. Lorraine Mills
    Lorraine Mills says:

    Thank you for answering my question!!! It was like chatting to friends except I couldn’t tell you more about myself…
    Don’t laugh but I listened while doing free motion machine embroidery…er…i know…too many things!
    Basically, I grew up being really into arts and crafts but it wasn’t valued- it was just something you did at home. I did drawing, calligraphy, pottery, cookery, sewing, painting etc but had a fairly academic education. I then went on to have a career which left no time for hobbies. Now retired, I’ve started to pick up old hobbies, go to classes and add more. I really want to focus on acrylic painting and I Pinterest the work I admire! I obviously need to keep on painting!
    By the way, I binge listened to your podcasts in November last year during a period of insomnia and since then I have rented some studio space and have had a painting accepted in an exhibition.

  2. Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones says:

    So much to comment about in this episode! Style seems so elusive to me and I know others, so thank you for spending time on the subject. I know it comes down to doing the work and listening and seeing what shows up. An artist friend who does online courses also had shared taking a notebook or journal, cutting things out and gluing them in. Analyze what you like about each piece and how you can incorporate it.

    Alice, it was funny that you touched on the thing I mentioned on your IG post today. I definitely need to stand back and evaluate whats working and what is not, being objective.

    Louise, I am very intrigued to know what your Creating the impossible thing is!

    Nothing better than a great piece of dark chocolate, Ladies!

    thanks for another great episode! heading over to live chat with Nick soon, see you there!

      • Jackie Jones
        Jackie Jones says:

        Yes Alice, I did enjoy the live call very much! You, Nick and Louise have a lot of great and very useful principles, philosophies, tips and info to share with us! I appreciated it all and took notes! thank you again for taking the time to do the buddies group. (:

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