Looking Forward to 2020 [49]

planning your artist year

We had planned to take break this week, but we just couldn’t do it! So, here we are with a bonus episode all about preparing for a new year.

We agree on the one question you should really be checking with yourself as you set your intentions. And – we finish with a quick-fire round of questions for each other!

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This year, we are taking very different approaches – Alice is relaxing into letting things happen in an easy way, while Louise has spent some time defining clear goals and then breaking them down into scheduled tasks. This is a reversal of roles from prior years and so in this episode, we dive into what is driving both of us. Why has super-organised Alice not yet started to develop a plan? Why has laissez-faire Louise suddenly  decided to create highly structured plans?

It turns out that we have both made these changes to address what didn’t work for us in prior years and to suit our individual preferences. And this is so important … there are many different ways of approaching new year’s planning and there is no right or wrong. What most matters is to find a way of working that is right for you.

We also share what has excited and inspired us … for Alice it was watching Brian Rutenberg’s YouTube videos (specifically …..) and for Louise, it was realising how important social media has been in finding her target audience.


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  1. Caro
    Caro says:

    What a lovely uplifting podcast! As always a joy to listen to. Just a little suggestion Alice, from someone who gets very cranky when hungry, lunchbox! If a studio day is treated as the workday it is, if you pack a lunch the night before, you can keep going when you’re on a roll or chomp as you contemplate before the drive home if you’re not. Dried fruit, a muesli bar and yoghurt or something would do – no kitchen work required. It would soon become habit. Then to bookmark your day you could have a smashing bath to relax when you got home instead of grumpily ferreting in the fridge (you may not get grumpy or ferret – that could just be me ?). Just a thought – have a wonderful 2020 ladies!

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      Yes, I have access to a microwave so I take soup or something to be heated when I’m organised. If I’m honest I hate packed lunches as I used to have to make them every day! I think summer will be easier. Loving the bath idea though! And change out of studio clothes…

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