The Mystery of Art: Should We Share Our Creative Techniques? [45]

This week, we’re diving into a topic we’ve both wondered about … how much should we share? If we let people in to all aspects of our creative process, does our art lose its mystery?

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Do collectors really want to see the good, the bad and the ugly of our artistic process? And what about sharing with other artists? Should we keep some things as trade secrets? If we share everything, are we worried about people copying us?  During our conversation, we share some of the benefits we’ve both experienced from sharing our work, our processes and our creative lives. We also discuss the potential pitfalls of being open and honest.

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Later, we answer a listener question from Wendy about substrates … why do we choose to work on boards or canvas or paper? What factors do we weigh and how does that decision impact our work? All this, plus the week’s inspiration, which includes a kick-ass group of artists and the story of how one amazing woman turned hardship into massive success.

We decided to keep “Your Best Art Year Ever” open and the content in place through to the New Year to give you more time. Here are some comments from the week so far:

Thank you both so much for a wonderful, inspiring week! And for the ongoing delightful podcast sessions. You are both AWESOME!

Margaret Stott

Your course has given me a huge Wake Up call. I simply have NO excuses not to paint, none whatsoever, so I have to “invent” them. Finding out exactly Why has been a valuable lesson.

Angela Barker

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I’ve just done unit 2 and already my perspective has changed. ? Thank you so much

Claudia Gunton


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