How to Sell More Art with Nicholas Wilton [44]

Nicholas Wilton Art Juice podcast guest

Nicholas has an unusual take on the age-old topic of selling art  – and it’s one that might surprise you.

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This week, we welcome a special guest. Nicholas Wilton is a Californian painter who also runs a successful online art course called The Creative Visionary Program (a course both Alice and Louise have taken in the past).

In this special conversation, we discuss his counter-intuitive ideas (such as the fact that the more unique your art becomes, the more others can relate to it); share our own art-making processes; discuss the value of working in a series; and consider the role intuition plays in our creative process.

We also touch on the power of found materials, and learn about the profound changes that Nick and Alice are experiencing in their work. This is a conversation that is sure to energise and inspire you. 

You can find Nick’s colour tips PDF HERE

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You can find Nick’s colour tips PDF HERE

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