8 Ways to Make it Easy to Gift Your Art [43]

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As the holidays approach, we discuss how you can encourage others to give your art as a gift (or to ask for your art as a gift). The challenge, of course, is that art is a highly personal choice, so buyers might be concerned about “getting it wrong.”

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We put our heads together and came up with a range of tips and tricks designed to make it easy and risk-free for someone to give your art to a loved one. Our ideas range from the types of products you offer, to the ways in which you allow people to buy. There are a few twists so make sure to listen but a quick list is also below.

8 ways to make it easy to give art as a gift
  • Make sure your range includes smaller pieces or even gift items
  • Highlight your return policy to take away the risk element
  • Talk about a test at home option
  • Gift certificates – but perhaps not as you think
  • Can you create a payment plan? Paypal credit is just one way to do this.
  • Create a page or post on your website about giving your art as a gift
  • Mention gift options in your seasonal newsletters and invite people to get in touch
  • Set up an open studio event with a few other local artists pre-Christmas
  • oh, and a genius last secret idea!

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