Coaching Creativity with Judith Morgan [40]

Art Juice podcast Coaching Creativity with Judith Morgan

Today’s special guest believes creatives best get clear “with our mouths open”. Talking, and more importantly, listening is key to her role as a coach.

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Judith Morgan has been coaching for 15 years and Alice’s coach – rather on a whim – for the past 5 years and before that has launched and sold a number of successful businesses in different areas.

Today though we are talking about what exactly coaching involves for creatives. We share some of the practices and discoveries which have helped many different creative entrepreneurs and discuss impatience, creating a sanctuary, the impact of emotions, leaving an imprint and the risks of helping others at your own expense. 

If you’ve ever wondered about how coaching could help you, we hope this might clarify your ideas about what to look for to choose the right way for you. After all, that’s what we both strongly believe finding your personal way is the only way we could both keep going. Do you agree?


Your Biz Your Way Judith Morgan

Find Judith’s book “Your Biz Your Way” HERE

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  1. Caro
    Caro says:

    Hi Alice (and Judith) – Being totally honest I reared a bit like frightened horse at the start of this one! Life coach? Then the quite forceful blast of Judith’s personality! In all honesty I only stuck with it because I normally love Artjuice so much! All a little Woo Woo for me. Well am I ever glad I did – just goes to show how narrow preconceptions can be self-limiting! I think I want to take Judith home in my pocket – I’ve done the next best thing and immediately taken her home in my kindle!!! I’ll also be checking in on her podcast (I’m excited when I find a podcast that has enough to say that it sticks around for years and doesn’t peter out – always a good sign). Loved the show!

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      Oh you are going to love next week! Louise and I go all in on the Woo-woo 🙂 I hope you give that one a go too… often we just get the nugget of an idea. But then maybe that’s all we need at that time. Enjoy the book. It’s one of the most affirming and reassuring books about business I ever read. And practical too.

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