How Finding Your “Why” Can Transform Your Art [35]

Can you explain why you do what you do? This can be an essential stage in establishing your art and helping you move through creative blocks and convey your story.

This week we also touch on ideas around money and Alice has been inspired by two “artist date” trips.

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Today’s discussion was promoted by a book and TED talk by Simon Sinek, both entitled ‘Find Your Why.’  Sinek’s main point is that when you know the purpose of what you are doing, it is so much easier to make the right decisions, achieve good results, and sell it to others.

As artists, we can explore this on several levels – why do I make my art? Why am I making this particular series of paintings? And, at the granular level, why am I making this one specific painting?

Our wide-ranging conversation spans the desire to create things, the need to be seen, the drive to communicate our internal experience, and whether what we are really seeking is love. (Deep stuff!) We also get into how you find your purpose. It isn’t something you can just come up with in 5  minutes. For most of us, it is a gradual process of discovery and it arises from the work we do. We also acknowledge that so much of this changes over time – even if we know our why at this moment, it may well change in future years.

What’s inspired us this week?

I just loved my visit to Kettles Yard House and Exhibition, the house of Jim Ede who had been a curator at the Tate Gallery in London during the 20s and 30s. He was a great supporter of artists and gathered a remarkable collection of artwork and small scuptures.

Jim and his wife Helen converted 3 cottages and displayed the art alongside natural objects with a belief that art should be enjoyed by everyone and held daily ‘open houses’. If you are ever in Cambridge this very special place continues to be free, true to Jim’s vision, (but you need a timed ticket) and is a must-visit. Very special. Also, you will want to go home, declutter and only keep what is personally inspiring, useful or simply beautiful!

Cider Screw and Miro at Kettles Yard House

Also Mentioned: Simon Sinek  TED talk

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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