Are You Expecting to Hit the Mark Every Time? And is it Wrong to Use a Camera? [33]

Do you feel the need for a “good” result every time you paint? Or hope for a painting that looks good at every stage? This can bring an added stress to making art and limit your ability to experiment.

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Art Juice podcast episode 33 making good art every time - a basketball scoring a goal

In this episode we discuss what might be at the bottom of this, quite natural, desire to feel satisfied and how we can work this into our process. 

We can all struggle with letting go of the need for a “good” result every time we paint – a good result meaning a finished painting or at least once that always looks good at every stage.

We cannot plan future work because all we have is past knowledge and that is too small and restrictive for what we need. Instead we need to follow the nudges of intuition and take a leap of faith that this will be true. Personally this is what making art has taught (is teaching!) me most – how to let go, welcoming the mistakes – errors which become family history, jokes – discovering rather than searching. It’s just where we need to be….

But first Louise has been taking trips out sketching and filming it all for course. Alice has been away in Cantabria, with the usual frenzy of things before a trip. Alice’s Yorkshire workshop is now sold out (if you’d like to hear about more please sign up HERE and mark yourself as an artist so you get any extra event messages).

Cloud Rainbow
Have you ever seen a cloud rainbow like this? No filter or tweaking!

Also, one listener asks “Am I not going to move forward in my art if I keep using my phone?” and we have some ideas of the advantages and disadvantages of using your phone as a recorder and where it may be holding you back.

Mentioned: Kyle Cease podcast interview – creativity and taking that one step (Warning; curse words!)

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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