Navigating Change in our Art [27]

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This week we’re talking about transitions – those times when our work moves into a new phase.

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When do we need to activate change in our art?

Perhaps it comes upon us almost without us noticing – perhaps we make a conscious decision, but either way, change can be both exciting and unsettling.

Louise is preparing to start new work in a few weeks time, and feeling pulled in several directions which feel unrelated.

Alice has started new work that could be seen as re-visiting and earlier interest. We talk about letting ideas go, and giving them time to develop, how you can recognise transition moments. And when you should be on alert that perhaps some new transition is needed to fire up your creative life again.

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Audience Question

I’m impatient in terms of wanting success with my art. I am in the early stages (exhibited for first time last year and sold fairly well) In your own experience and knowing other artists how long did things take to start gaining momentum in terms of sales and can you see what this was linked to?

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We share our experiences of growth and what made a difference – easier to tell looking back!

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Both of us are recognising our own intuition – but note how it can takes time to become clear enough to act decisively….Louise: “Asking for what I want instead of accepting what is offered and/or being swayed by others’ views. SO huge for me and a win for intuition over thought.”
Alice: “visiting the Barbara Rae exhibition – showed me what direction I want to go in.”

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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