How to be a Happy Artist and Find your Voice [26]

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This one is a biggie… What does it mean to find our voice as an artist? How do we discover what we want to create? Especially as that may change over time.

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At opposite ends of the spectrum, Louise has been preparing her new course and accepting that she may not paint as much for the next few weeks. Alice has enjoyed delivering a painting to a new home and getting stuck in to her self-set painting challenge.

Finding your artist voice

Louise believes the answer lies in following what you love. To do that you need to learn to play, which is something many people struggle with. Alice wonders what happens when you enjoy the process, but not the end result? She believes you may need to let go of some ‘rules’ so that you can  discover your own questions; questions that will guide your art as you develop your process.

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Audience Question

Hi, not sure if you have covered this yet on your podcasts as I only discovered them recently and still playing catch up ! Is it a good idea to have many same sized canvases or panels when working ? I would like to invest in quite a few to build up a body of work to show to galleries and I always have a dilemma on what size. Do galleries want a body of work all of the same size ? This was a theory a gallery said to me a few years back, ‘ if you can produce 20 or thirty paintings like this then we can sell them!’

So, do we have any theories and experience on what size panels or canvases sell best in a gallery setting or to clients? Well, we have some ideas of how you could think about this, but it may not be what you expect…

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This week we are both inspired by the power of re-juvenation! Louise by shorts bursts of one hour painting sessions, and Alice has been re-fuelling bottles and using paint like it’s free…. (I know, if only! but this may help you use it a little free-er)

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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