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A Splash of Colour! Personal and Practical Approaches to Colour Mixing [25]

There is so much to mixing colour… it is one of the pure joys of painting, but it can be a little overwhelming. We share some ideas about our own colour habits and ways you can re-invigorate your own colour mixing.

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This week

Louise has found someone to help with the technical aspects of her online course, and is now working on a marketing plan. Alice has been fuelled by discovering where her mystery buyer came from and the power of follow-up.

How do you choose colour for your palette?

This week’s main topic was inspired by a question from Janes_artscapes on Instagram. She asks:

“I was hoping you could talk about colour mixing as opposed to buying already mixed colours. I want to invest in new paint, I’d just like to hear your opinion on different paints & colour mixing”


Find Jane’s work here:

This question led us into a discussion of colour and the way we use it in our work. For both of us, it is quite an important focus, but our preferred palettes are quite different. We discuss the emotional resonance of certain colours; the power of surprising ourselves with something different; the freedom that can come (paradoxically) with a limited palette; and mixing colours versus using them straight from the tube. We also discuss the relativity of colour, and Alice shares her approach of choosing one hero colour for each painting.

In the end, colour is an incredibly personal thing, and each artist approaches it in a different way. Some artists study colour theory, some spend hours mixing in a sketchbook, and some choose colours totally intuitively. And this is perhaps the most important point to come out of our discussion – we both believe that your use of colour should be guided not be rules or by what you think other artists would do, but by your own preferences and your goals for your work.

Would love to know your colour habits and any tips you have to use different colours – or what favourites you simply couldn’t do without! Let us know in the comments below….

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Alice has been painting and is experimenting with a different way of working on canvas. Louise was energized by a blustery, cold, grey walk on Sandside beach in Cumbria.

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

3 replies
  1. Heather Byrne
    Heather Byrne says:

    Hi Alice,
    I am so pleased to have discovered this podcast! …you and Louise are so inspiring and I have found all your advice and discussions brilliant. I work as a designer and paint whoever I can, I think about painting all the time, but haven’t managed to make the leap, to trying to earn a living from my work, part fear, part money worries, part confidence! But I am determined to get there this year by reducing my work hours to a four day week and getting a series of work established.
    I live on the north coast of Northern Ireland ( work In Belfast on a newspaper), but I have no artist community at all… have you any advice?
    But really this message is to say massive Thankyou to you and Louise, and please keep going with the podcasts
    Thanks Heather Byrne

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      Thank you Heather – I think this is why we both started this; we remember exactly what it feels like to be working on your own. For me, finding others with similar creative aspirations has been huge and I find it an enormous support. But art is something that never goes away. If you can’t find a community locally, then online there are plenty of us!!

      • Heather Byrne
        Heather Byrne says:

        Thankyou so much Alice, for getting back to me… much encouraged to keep going to find my way, been to the beach this morning before work, and fitting painting around busy life but listening to you and Louise has given me back my drive
        Thanks again

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