What’s in a Name? Talking Titles [Art Juice 243]

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This week, we’re talking titles. Yep, that stage when you think the work is complete – and there’s still the process of coming up with a title for your masterpiece. Does it even matter what we choose? Do they make you more or less likely to buy a painting? 

From locations to the disappointment of “untitled” we look back over some of our favourite ways to select relevant titles – and even try to think of the most off-putting title we can. With so many ways to choose, this is the final stage and can be deeply personal; Alice thinks “A painting title is like a free gift”. 

Do you agree? What’s your favourite way to pick a title?


Nino Yuniardi ⁠https://nino.studio/⁠

Jackie Fehl ⁠https://www.jacquifehl.com/⁠

Heather McDowell ⁠https://heather-mcdowell-art.sumupstore.com/category/florals⁠

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