More Sales Please! with Sara Dalrymple [Art Juice 237]

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The art of selling may not feel like it comes easily, but today Sara Dalrymple joins Alice to talk about how artists can see this differently.

We talk about preserving your no. 1 asset, a key non-negotiable you must be prepared for, and more than one reason why artists are perhaps BEST placed for making sales – once you have a few things adjusted and in order!

Having grown her own photography business, Sara founded a specialist sales consultancy, mentoring other creatives selling their products and services online. She has helped hundreds of business owners bring in consistent sales through confident, sleaze-free self-promotion.

Now, Sara is extending her mission to help even more small business owners find consistent sales success, through her book More Sales Please! which is out now and filled with inspiring advice and practical steps.


Find Sara’s website including a quiz to discover what’s blocking your sales ⁠⁠

Follow Sara on Instagram at ⁠@saleswithsara⁠ for lots of tips to increase confidence with selling the sleaze-free way.

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