Are you Tired of Social Media? [176]

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Recently we’ve noticed a trend among the artists we know online; there seem to be more and more complaints about social media. Some artists have left Facebook on principle, many are disillusioned with Instagram’s shift to bite-sized video content, and most of us haven’t even tried Tik Tok. The dissatisfaction runs the gamut – if you have used social media for years, you might be finding it less effective than before. And if you are only just starting online, you might be struggling against the algorithm, and wondering how anyone ever built up a sizeable following. But have we lost our perspective? Social media platforms still allow us to share our art with the world, completely free of charge and surely that has greatly levelled the playing field for contemporary artists? As you may be able to tell, we have more questions than answers, -and we may have done a bit more moaning than usual – but we hope our discussion offers food for thought in an ever-changing world.

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