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This week our special guest is Californian artist and Art2Life founder Nicholas Wilton. Nick has been helping artists to raise their game for many years and he has been a pivotal figure in both our careers.

In this conversation, we discuss what it takes to elevate your work, whether talent has anything to do with success, and the magic that can happen when you start to make unique and personal work. The conversation goes deeper when Nick reveals the personal issues that made him finally commit to his art, and he also shares the vulnerabilities that come with greater success. Finally, Nick explains why teaching is so important to him and his art practice.

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“As a textile designer I thought Design was an area I knew about but he explained the importance of variation/differences so clearly and I already want to get into my studio to think more about this. I want to watch all the videos now…..is that greedy?! What a great start…..he genuinely made me believe I can improve and love my art and don’t have to wait years for that to happen.”

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“Does this sound like fun? I’m not sure. But some years, up to two dozen students start the assignment. And some years, more than half drop out before the end. Everyone starts with high hopes. But things get repetitive by day ten. By day twenty, no matter what you’ve decided to do, it feels like you’ve been doing it forever. And bridging the end-of-year break is always a big challenge. But the students who get past day thirty or forty tend to get in a groove that will take them through to the end. Here’s a sampling of what’s been done through the years, including some of my favorites.
Read about the original Michael Beirut project here: https://designobserver.com/feature/five-years-of-100-days/24678

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