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Creating Your 100 Day Project [105]

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Have you found your creative well has run dry of inspiration? Especially recently? This week we have two projects to share with you which will help inspire and re-invigorate your art.

The 100 day project was started by the designer Michael Beirut and has since become an annual free global art project for creatives. Just pick an action, do it consistently for 100 days and share it.

Today we meet Lindsay Thomson who has been involved in co-ordinating the project since 2017. We talk through some tips on how to pick your project; maybe choose one of the three key areas projects often cover: play, practice or produce. How specific to make it, how figuring out your motivation can really help, what your starting point might be, finding time.

The project kicks off on 31st Jan and runs until May 10th, but it doesn’t matter if it takes you longer than this.

How to join the 100 day project:

1. There are some great FAQs and tips on the website page where you can also sign up for the newsletter.
2. Go to @dothe100dayproject account on Instagram to share one of their recent posts to announce your commitment 🙂 Look in the Stories for a Q&A session done earlier this month
3. Think of your project and share using #the100dayproject and your own personal invented hashtag

Artist, psychologist and creativity coach Rachel Davis, who some of you may know from her AJ visits, will be offering free support, accountability, inspiration and humour through her IG account @racheldavisart.bayarea as she embarks on her third #100 day project.

Rachel knows this terrain really well and is ready to help you stay on the creative track, even when self doubt, boredom and frustration show up, as they inevitably will. Follow #100daysupportwithrachel to keep up with what she’s offering and so she can comment on your journey.

Get inspired with the Art2Life free workshop:

Don’t forget to join the free Art2Life workshop HERE which starts on 15th February 2021. These online lessons are a great guide for you to learn a new approach to making personal, powerful and authentic art.

“As a textile designer I thought Design was an area I knew about but he explained the importance of variation/differences so clearly and I already want to get into my studio to think more about this. I want to watch all the videos now… that greedy?! What a great start…..he genuinely made me believe I can improve and love my art and don’t have to wait years for that to happen.”

Find out more and register HERE

If you sign up using this link and later choose to go on to take the full programme we will receive a referral fee which helps support us to and keep the podcast running each week. 


Follow and find Lindsay @lindsayjeanthomson

“Does this sound like fun? I’m not sure. But some years, up to two dozen students start the assignment. And some years, more than half drop out before the end. Everyone starts with high hopes. But things get repetitive by day ten. By day twenty, no matter what you’ve decided to do, it feels like you’ve been doing it forever. And bridging the end-of-year break is always a big challenge. But the students who get past day thirty or forty tend to get in a groove that will take them through to the end. Here’s a sampling of what’s been done through the years, including some of my favorites.
Read about the original Michael Beirut project here:

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. Maureen Grayson
    Maureen Grayson says:

    I have just taken the initial steps to beginning my 100 Day Project! How? Well, eBay was the starting point, as is often the case! Ordered the first of my materials on a ‘Buy it Now’ option, so all I have to do is wait for the stuff to arrive. What will I be doing? Let’s say I’ll be ‘producing’ … on an extremely small scale!!!

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