Social Media for Artists: An Introduction [103]

social media for artists
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As working artists, we have both used social media to build an audience and make sales. In this episode, we discuss how we approached social media when we first started, what we learned along the way, and how it plays into our marketing strategies today.

This is an honest and open discussion that includes what we didn’t understand, what we got wrong, and where we still need to improve. But having built solid and loyal followings on platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, we both have sound advice about different ways to leverage these free resources to build your art career. 

Building a following on social media is a slow process, but the results speak for themselves.  These platforms certainly have their downsides, but artists have never been able to take such strong control of their own marketing or been able to reach so many people free of charge. We hope you find our conversation thought-provoking and perhaps inspirational.


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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. Christine Aaron
    Christine Aaron says:

    So nice to be back listening to your podcast. After listening straight through to episode 100(Brava brava!!) last year…ended up in different routines for a while that prevented me from listening. Feels like I am back with artist friends and company in the studio. So much great stuff in this one. Looking forward to catching up with the rest of the recent ones!

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