Are you a Painter or an Artist? with Seth Godin [100]

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For our 100th episode, we are delighted to welcome Seth Godin to the podcast. Seth is a bestselling author and his new book “The Practice” is subtitled “shipping creative work.” and is a mission to inspire everyone to make a powerful commitment to themselves and their art.

In this lively conversation, he explains why the world doesn’t need any more paintings (and what it actually needs instead); challenges us all to be artists not painters, explains why he never reads his reviews, and shares his thoughts on balancing art and commerce.

He suggests that “Buying a painting is a souvenir of the way it made you feel to look at the canvas” and how understanding this can help us as artists.

We also discuss the importance of knowing your audience, a great definition of what it means to have taste (!) and why picking that audience determines the course of your art career.

As you will hear, Seth is a genuine art lover and has lots of interesting stories to tell including some tips about how NOT to be an unhappy painter 🙂

Grab a notebook and prepare to be inspired!

For this episode we though you would like to see the conversation too so we have a video version as well 🙂


The Practice by Seth Godin
Seth’s Blog

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

3 replies
  1. francetheartist
    francetheartist says:

    Absolutely Brilliant. This talk has helped me feel authentic. I will now get back to MY path, stop that inner critic who is always comparing my work to that of others and stop worrying about the lack of income (or at last try…). Thanks, ladies, and especially Louise for jumping off that cliff and reaching out to ask him – you are both an inspiration.

  2. Diane Ingalls-Reid
    Diane Ingalls-Reid says:

    That was absolutely brilliant! I love your podcast, I feel like I’m listening to two of my pals chat while I’m busy slogging away on a panel that I’m not sure is going to turn out or not, but it’s OK because I’m just doing the work! But this episode with Seth Godin was stellar! Thank you so much for being present and brilliant, and I look forward to a spectacular year ahead for your podcast.

  3. Jenny Hall
    Jenny Hall says:

    Wow!!! Just finished watching the Alice Sheridan/LouiseFletcher/Seth Godin 100th ArtJuice episode!! SO interesting and life affirming and inspiring!!! Lot’s of food for thought…! And such a delight to see 3 intelligent, kind, fascinating people interact in such a mutually respectful and fascinating conversation!
    PS I’m the one who ask the authentic-art question that was addressed last week. Lots more to chew over in that regard from this conversation…!
    Thank you for the wonderful experience of ArtJuice!!!

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