When I paint, I never know where a painting will end up. Sometimes I imagine the home it may go to, or a room I think it would be well suited for. Usually though, I’m just figuring out the painting itself.

This summer I was asked by a stylist if she could borrow some paintings to use in a photoshoot. The timing and location suited me, so I agreed. She was styling rooms to launch a new range of wallpapers by Harlequin, part of the Sanderson group of design and textiles for interiors. I knew the company, but I had no idea how my work would be used. Fun!

When I delivered the work to the location I realised what a big deal this was – there were two vans of furniture and accessories and teams of people. I was certainly glad I wasn’t co-ordinating the whole thing! Three days later I collected my work and waited….

I had a sneak preview of the images but was under strict orders not to show them until they had ‘gone public’. And here they are!

photo credit Andy Gore photography for Harlequin

It was such a thrill to see how the photos came out. Of course the wallpaper is stunning, the room is amazing and everything is so elegantly put together! That’s why she is a stylist and my house never looks like this 🙂

In my mind ‘Tangent’ is a rather calm and quiet painting. It has its strengths, but ultimately that blue is rather peaceful. Perhaps that’s why it works well within such a riot of pattern and gold, and lamps, although I like it in a more gentle setting too. It would be especially serene in a bedroom I think….

blue abstract painting by Alice Sheridan

‘Tangent’ painting 50 x 50cm


photo credit Andy Gore photography for Harlequin

The other image shows ‘Drift’ which is a fairly large painting. At 90 x 90cm in most rooms this would make a pretty striking centre piece – it just shows you what a large space this was. It’s almost camouflaged against this wall, but below you can see the painting itself.

Drift abstract landscape painting by Alice Sheridan

‘Drift’ 90x90cm

Even more exciting was seeing the image printed within the pages of the October issue of House and Garden magazine. I had imagined the photos would be used mainly on those hulking great sample books, so seeing it a glossy interiors magazine was a surprise bonus.

‘Tangent’ is available here and if you choose to make it yours I will send a copy of the magazine too – just so you have the thrill of seeing it in print and can show it off to your friends (who possibly won’t be quite as excited as I am!) ‘Drift’ is due to go off to a gallery show, but if you are interested to know more about owning either of these pieces, please get in touch.

If it’s the wallpaper you love more (because I know you will ask and I’m honestly not offended!)  you can find it here.