My artist day

It seems as soon as I have a rhythm to my day, it changes! …

Identifying what makes each painting unique

I find working on more than one painting at once helpful for…

The story of a painting; Unearthed

Ever wondered what happened on a painting before it was finished…

Using black and white for stronger paintings

Making two paintings just using black and white as a tonal painting…

Painting finished - that's it right? Wrong!

Put your brush down - this painting is finished… and you’re…
Kandinsky quote about colour

A yellow week for spring sunshine

This is the week that spring has sprung! Walking on Monday morning…
abstract landscape painting by Alice Sheridan display at Laveli

I'll have a coffee, and that painting please!

What happens when a piece of work is finished? Sometimes, if…
Watercolour drawing in the sketchbook of Alice Sheridan, drawing on Dartmoor

Rain after a drought

So far it's been a crazy summer - the sudden opportunity of…
Alice Sheridan 365create aprilcolour abstract painting

Discovering new colours

Do you find that you are always attracted to the same colours? It…