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Exploring sketchbooks for abstract art

As my own approach to painting abstract art has changed over…
Art work entitled 'Ace, 1962' by US artist Robert Rauschenberg during a press preview at the Tate Modern in London

Endless combinations: Robert Rauschenberg restrospective

There is nothing like sneaking things in at the last minute.…
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Against the odds

12,000 people apply to the Royal Academy summer exhibition each…

Stuck in the middle with you!

Right, I’ve got to the middle stages of a painting, and…
Painting detail Alice Sheridan

How do you learn to take your art to the next level?

When I first decided I wanted to commit to making art full time,…
Chiswick House lantern festival

Using a filter for what see, and what we choose to see

Sorry - this isn't a post about using Instagram filters! Just…

Taking time to prepare for new work

To create art you have to accept that a certain amount of…

Waking up and tuning in

I'm not going to lie - getting back to school routine this week…

The story of a painting; Unearthed

Ever wondered what happened on a painting before it was finished…