the 100 day project

100 days of contrast

After a bit of a break over Easter, there's nothing like a challenge…

Art for charity

I'm often asked to donate work to help raise funds for charity…

Painting finished - that's it right? Wrong!

Put your brush down - this painting is finished… and you’re…
Showing texture detail on painting by Alice Sheridan

Can you develop your style as an artist?

A question I seem to have come across a lot recently is how…
Kandinsky quote about colour

A yellow week for spring sunshine

This is the week that spring has sprung! Walking on Monday morning…
abstract landscape painting by Alice Sheridan display at Laveli

I'll have a coffee, and that painting please!

What happens when a piece of work is finished? Sometimes, if…

Taking shape and passing things on

The end of a drizzly half term day. The children have been squabbling…

Curating or creating?

I wonder if any artists know in advance how their painting will…

Peter Lanyon Soaring Flight

"It is impossible for me to make painting that has no reference…