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Are limiting beliefs holding you back? [22]

Many artists carry around ideas and beliefs that don’t serve us, and which actually often don’t even feel like beliefs. Instead, they feel like established facts. It’s only when we recognise the problem, that we can start to challenge the thoughts that are preventing our next move – and replace them with something more effective. […]

Why you should break the rules of mixed media [21]

Our main topic was inspired by a question from a listener, who asked ‘why on earth would you use oil pastel with acrylics!” He went on to say “Surely this will lead to problems later in the longevity of the paintings? Oil and water just do not mix after all!” This week Louise talks about […]

When is it time to delegate? [20]

Do you ever feel like a boiling frog? So busy that you don’t  notice that “enjoyably in demand” has turned into “totally overwhelmed and frazzled?” As artists, it’s often a challenge to ask for help – partly because some of our work HAS to be done by us, and partly because we can’t accept that […]

Are Artists Ever Satisfied [19]

This week, we discuss why so many artists are driven to continually change  … is this the natural state of all artists? Or do we vary in this? This week Louise has been finishing paintings and promo for open studios using different process this time by putting a strong intention in place first. You can […]

Tips for Artists Open Studios [18]

Open Studio season is coming up… whether you are an old hand or this is your first year showing in this way we have some ideas for promotion and things to do in advance,  during and after so that you make the best of your Open House events this year.  This week Louise’s promised task […]

Rising to new challenges in marketing and promotion [17]

This week we have a wide-ranging discussion about promotion for recent projects. Promoting yourself can feel daunting so we have a few ideas for places you can update so that people can find out what’s going on in your world. In addition, we share our perspectives on approaching galleries. Should you really be nervous about […]

Creating your Magic Circle [16]

Does your family have a creative background? Is your creative streak viewed with suspicion or disbelief. It can be hard to make art if this is what surrounds us so we review our personal histories and how we’ve made changes to the things which influence our beliefs. PS. This week is fun and a little […]


Are you just painting and hoping?

You know that feeling when some days you paint and it’s great? Then other times it just doesn’t work so well? Would you like more of the first and less of the second? We are mid way through an amazing free workshop offered by Nicholas Wilton just once a year. The full series covers Design, […]

Selling your art your way [15]

“How can I sell more of my work?” is one of the biggest questions artists want answered But if the answer is as individual as your art, where do you begin. For us, it’s not what most of the sales experts tell you to do! We also discuss how to ignite the creative spark and […]

How to be selective about submissions [14]

Have you ever wondered quite what the point is in entering shows, or whether it’s worth your while? This one is for you! This week Alice has been turning her feelings around by getting stuck into things and honouring her promises to herself, which includes wrecking an old painting. Louise has also honoured her promise […]

Find your path to making authentic art

Making art starts with the basics of form: colour, line, value, design. We need to become fluent in using these if we want to make art which takes this basic vocabulary and turns it into poetry. Nicholas Wilton joined me for this discussion where we talked about how to create true feeling in your work, […]

Does your art need a gimmick to succeed? [13]

Does your art need a gimmick to succeed? If art has a quickly recognisable ‘hook’ does that make it easier to sell? This week Alice has been learning the value of taking detours – Louise is in flow with her work and both have been working together to share a free art workshop with Nicholas […]