When I first started along this creative path, I had no idea where to go to get some of my questions answered. It sometimes felt pretty lonely working on my own.

As my business has grown it’s been an honour to be able to help and encourage other artists to find a creative practice which is satisfying and rewarding, I’d love you to join the journey with me.

Nicholas Wilton portrait

The Art2Life free workshop

Once a year Nicholas Wilton offers a free art workshop. Come and join this year and have the added benefit of our ‘Juiced Up’ facebook group to meet other artists and discuss the videos.

Facebook group Art Explorers

  • Become part of a growing artist community
  • Access to a resource of experience and advice
  • Share your ideas and be inspired by others
  • Free and easy to join on Facebook
art podcast listen with coffee

  • New ‘Art Juice’ podcast!
  • Honest conversations about what it really takes to be an artist
  • Listen in and subscribe
The Connected Artist


  • Grow your art business with an amazing group of other artists doing the same
  • Join an affordable artist membership designed to support you