Would it be nice to have a bit of back up?

(we haven’t chosen an easy path for ourselves have we?!)

When I first started along this creative path, I had no idea where to go to get some of my questions answered. It sometimes felt pretty lonely working on my own.

Where should I go to buy materials? When is the right time to approach galleries? What do you even use acrylic mediums for? How do I get my work in front of people?

The endless questions are enough to drive you nuts! As my business has grown it’s been an honour to be able to help and encourage other artists and it’s been wonderful to make so many collaborative relationships. If I’m honest, this is a position I never expected to be in and I’m excited to have put together three ways you can get involved and find support – in whatever way is right for you.

So, come and join in!

Free Art Explorers group

  • A relaxed and supportive community of like-minded artists
  • A growing resource of experience and advice
  • Sharing ideas and inspiration
  • Easy to join on Facebook

The Connected Artist Club

  • Ready to grow your art business?
  • Want an affordable artist membership designed to support you and your business?
  • Forget overwhelm and focus on what counts

Register now to hear more when the doors open

Artist Consult Calls

  • A time to talk one-to-one about your art
  • Use your time how you like: review your work and plan your next steps
  • Bespoke time, just for you
  • Book one or check in whenever you need to

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